Almond-Vanilla Milk

Recipe Marathon: Day 2.

Why make your own vegan “milks” when you can buy them?

1. We don’t particularly like soy-based milks for various reasons – they’re genetically modified, chemically processed and not the great superfoods they are touted to be (Link) . In Asia it is used mostly as a condiment and frequently in fermented form.
2. Most vegan “milks” sold in the market have carageenan, oils and lots of sugar.


Put whole unpeeled nuts, seeds, legumes, grains in filtered water overnight, then drain and leave for a day or so until the tiniest hint of a sprout emerges. HOW TO SPROUT.

Whole grain oats (groats), brown rice, barley, sunflower seeds, almonds, mung beans etc. can be consumed this way. Sprouting makes them easily digestible and increases their nutritional content several times over. BENEFITS OF SPROUTING.

If you don’t want to/can’t sprout them:

If the grain/seed is not whole and doesn’t sprout, we soak it anyway to make it more digestible and taste sweeter. Soaking removes the phytic acid in the bran and the enzyme inhibitors, to convert the seed/nut/grain into a living food. (Link) Discard the soaking water.

Most of the phytic acid is removed during the cooking process, so soaking is not necessary if you are going to cook the grain/legume/seed. However, if you going to consume it raw (as in “milk” form), soaking is recommended.

Note: California almonds are no longer available raw because growers are required to treat them chemically or with steam to pasteurise them to prevent salmonella contamination.

Pasteurization of raw almonds can destroy active enzymes and diminish the vitamin content of food. Under the ruling, almond farmers will be required to treat raw almonds with propylene oxide or steam them to over 200 degrees before they can be sold to American consumers. (Source)

That means you’ve either got to buy imported raw almonds, or just not sprout them. We soak them anyway and discard the water.

If you don’t even want to soak them:
If you have leftover cooked brown rice or grain, just puree with water and flavourings (1 part rice to 4 parts water) to make “milk”.


Use a food processor and make a fine blend. We use 1 cup of nuts/seeds/grains with 4 to 5 cups filtered water depending on how creamy we want it.

Soaked Almonds and Vanilla Bean

Add flavourings of choice – vanilla bean or pure vanilla extract, saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cocoa powder, coffee, rose water, orange flower water, lavender, chamomile – the possibilities are endless.

We don’t peel the nuts. You can either keep the nut/seed/grain milk to settle and strain it out or simply shake it up and use it it. Don’t throw the residue away. Oats, nut residue, etc. can be used as thickeners for cooking or mixed into porridge for breakfast.

For richer creamier “milk”: Add a few soaked cashews.

For lower-fat “milks”: Blend your soaked/sprouted nuts/seeds with soaked/sprouted grains or legumes like rice, oats, barley, mung beans, etc.

For maximum benefits: Consume the “milk” raw.

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Great post! Thanks for the wonderful tips.

  2. Nupur says:

    Gorgeous post, and I so agree that nut milks sold commercially are way too high on sugar.

  3. Koki says:

    You just rock! I have always been in search of homemade recipes for anything that I feed my lil son. I am very scared of all those high fructose syrups, carageenan, and millions of other ingredients. You guys are life savers… These recipes are keepers for sure…

    Thank you sooooo much

  4. Nirmala says:

    The vanilla almond flower pic looks very sweet! U can make “Vennai puttu” with the leftover nut recidue with some rice flour mixed in. They were great lovely desserts!

  5. notyet100 says:

    thnks for this awesome post

  6. Mints! says:

    I used to make almond-cardamom and almond-vanilla and almond-nutmeg milk quite often when I used to eat only raw food. It is so satisfying to make these and drink!

  7. kumudha says:

    Wonderful post!

    We buy rice milk and almond milk from Costco…

    Thanks for posting so many delicious vegan recipes with beautiful food pictures!

  8. Ganga says:

    I adore nut butters and nut milks. A lovely post and I love your almond flower.

  9. Ramya says:

    Your post was very enlightening to me.Beautiful pictures(this post and throughout blog).

  10. Linda says:

    I admit I am totally ignorant when it comes to nut/seed milks — this is wonderfully informative. My fav part: the vanilla bean/almond flower :)

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  12. Ashwini says:

    The ignorant me had never thought of “vegan milk” which can be home-made. Thanks, this post has lot of information.

  13. Raaga says:

    I’ve got to try making this at home :)
    And I wish I got stuff like vanilla beans here. Don’t even know where to look.

    Happy new year J&B!

  14. Kay says:

    One question – how do you strain? Any special gadgets or tricks?

    I use vitamix to make coconut milk, but straining in muslin cloth was cumbersome and I do it very rarely these days. I want to try making some nut milk (and ragi milk, oat milk etc) but the straining part puzzles me.

  15. Sunita says:

    Jai n bee

    Excellent post higlighting, not using GMO based protein shakes.Where do you guys buy raw almonds,walnuts from?


  16. Nancy Reyes says:


    I knew how to make soy milk, but didn’t realize you could make it from other grains.

  17. BlueMist says:

    great stuff. Just a quick question. How do decide the proportions. say for the one cup of milk of the size shown above how many nuts you will use ?
    and what nuts other than almonds / cashews you use ?

  18. Bhargavi says:

    Hi –
    Thank you so much for this posting. I have been searching for almond milk and stumbled here. Great website and wonderful pictures (esp. of the vanilla bean and almond flower). Got to try this one. A few questions though:
    1. When do you add the flavoring?
    2. How long can you store the “milk”
    3. Do you boil (covered) after adding the flavoring so that it mixes well (and absorbs the flavor)?

    • jai bee says:

      1. while blending.

      2. no idea.

      3. no. it’s “raw”.

      • Bhargavi says:

        Jai Bee –
        I tried this recipe with almonds and vanilla flavoring last weekend. It tasted yummy…and lasted for 3 days. The fourth day it tasted somewhat sour. Next time I think I would stick to 2 days for best taste though.

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