Check out the eighteen fantastic culinary heirlooms sent to our inbox for this month’s for Monthly Mingle.

We thank Meeta for the opportunity to host, and the participants for your enthusiastic response. If we have missed any entries, we apologise. Please let us know through the contact form.

Baked Heirloom Squash with Brown Sugar and Butter @ Eats Well With Others

Delicata squash is an heirloom squash, meaning that it is a cultivar that was commonly grown during early periods of human history, but which is not used in modern large-scale agriculture. Thus, they are grown for flavor and not for their ability to be mass-produced and shipped thousands upon thousands of miles away.”

Ginger Fluff Sponge Cake @ Green Gourmet Giraffe

“A sponge cake in my childhood was always two layers sandwiched together with whipped cream or lemon filling, iced with white or pink icing that dripped over the sides and often decorated with a ring of hundreds and thousands around the edge. Little kiddie fingers would scoop up the dribbles of icing.”

fearlesskitchen lentil pie @ FearlessKitchen

“What’s so “heirloom” about a lentil pie? Well, the recipe was first published in 1570. That’s pretty heirloom to me, since it predates the town I live in by about 70 years!”

I left my heart in Dalmatia @ Dalmacija Down Under

“A bukara is a wooden drinking vessel from Dalmatia. It’s a part of every konoba (wine cellar). But a konoba isn’t just an ordinary wine cellar. It is the heart of almost every old Dalmatian house. It is a gathering place for celebrating life with a traditional klape song sharing good food and wine. A bukara full of wine is passed around the table while whole fish are grilled on gradele on an open hearth at the back of the cellar. The smell of oak barrels, smoke and fish is warm and so inviting and centuries old stones feel pleasantly cold during warm summer nights. It’s about more than just the wine and food. It’s about sharing good times with good friends.”

Classic Ratatouille @ Health Nut

“A really good ratatouille is not one of the quicker dishes to make,as each element is cooked separately before it is arranged in the casserole to partake of a brief communal simmer.This recipe is the only one we know of which produces a ratatouille in which each vegetable retains its own shape and character.” ~ Julia Child

Flan al tequila @ aromasysabores

My Mom pulled me to the kitchen, closed the door and trying to lower her voice, said to me in that lovely tone of voice that only Mothers can have:

“Why in God’s name did you tell him about my flan? It’s been years I have prepared one!. I don’t even remember how to make it, and Regis is a PASTRY CHEF!. Do you want to put your mother in ridiculo?”

Cherry Whiz Salsa made with Heirloom Tomatoes @ Big Black Dog

“Now I am not much for hot, spicy food but the Cherry Whiz Salsa has such a nice blend of sweet and spicy that I can’t seem to get enough of it. And in the winter when we have two foot of snow on the ground, it tastes especially good.”

Kesar Di Kheer @ What’s For Lunch, Honey?

“It’s become a joke in my family. A few years later we did tell them what really happened on that day and now my mum will tease Tom and say ‘Come Tom I have made some kheer for you!’ “

Well played! @ Purplesque’s Vox

“At my wedding, my parents gifted me a miniature tabla pair, hand crafted from heavy silver. They gave my sister a similar pair, and the drums are now a treasured family heirloom. After coming to the US, they were the first thing I sent for.

I use them to keep cardamom and fennel seeds on the table, as a time-honored after-dinner Indian tradition.”

Nostalgia @ Soulful Creations

“We would gather around the bowl (did not use a dining table back then) extending our hands with pleasure. My grandma (or ma) would keep the small ball of rice in our palms and top it with some of the spicy curry. I remember how hard it was to make my sister and I eat any food (we were really poor eaters) but this trick of feeding us worked every time!”

Neiyappam @ My Diverse Kitchen

“Give the neiyappam a chance and you will discover that the unattractive crusty exterior hides a delightfully soft and spongy cardamom flavoured interior dotted with thin coconut slivers. On a personal note, neiyappam is not one of my favourites and yet I am recommending it here because I have so far never met anyone else who doesn’t like them.

In fact, I mostly have always witnessed scenes where everyone is fighting to get the last few ones left in the tin!”

Sandesh – The bearer of sweet memories @ eCurry

“… memories of festivals & special occasions, of pots of milk boiled, of big brass plates where the “Sandesh” were neatly arranged while we tucked ourselves, sat on the floor & looked in awe as they got magically moulded with experienced fingers, of giggles & laughter & happiness & mouthful of homemade Sandesh melting away smoothly while the little palms stretched asking for more – typical scene in every home.”

Ragi Drumstick Leaves Adai @ Home Cook’s Recipes

“I remember my grandmom preparing this for an evening snack, and we would be served this adai very hot with stone ground coconut chutney. It used to taste great, as my grandmom used lots of oil to prepare this adai.”

Creamy Meyer Lemon-Orange ‘Butter’ @ Figs With Bri

“This blog ~ a NEW ‘heirloom’ birthed two years ago ~ but a deeply valued possession of ours and of her readers, ie. “part of an estate — not an outright gift from one person to another…an “impending” item…passed from one generation to another…characterized by excellence and enduring appeal.” FWB is Briana’s legacy. Her gift to each one of us.”

murukku mums recipe @ Malaysian Delicacies

“This is a secret recipe from my mum which I am sharing with all of you. This murukku is slightly tedious to prepare … You cannot use the rice flour sold in the supermarkets but must have homemade rice flour. Yup, remember tasty things don’t come easy.”

Vartha Malli Podi (Roasted Coriander Powder) @ my comfort food network>

“Since I got married, the one thing that I always bring along with me from Calicut is the vartha (roasted) malli (coriander) podi (powder). I remember my mother doing the same when she was living in Mumbai when we were little. The roasted coriander powder is a mix of many spices and not just coriander seeds roasted.”

Devil’s Fart Sandwich @ Jugalbandi

“A simple truly scrumptious meal where home-made Bavarian Pumpernickel bread meets organic artisanal cheese and some garden veggies – that’s how our ancestors ate.”

The WINNER of this month’s Monthly Mingle prize is

monthly mingle @ feeding maybelle

“For him, food was the center of life; lunch was a hobby and a holiday.

Plans for these lunches began early in the morning. As a child, when jet lag cruelly awoke me with a start in the pitchdark early morning, I would wait for the hall light to turn on. Then I would crawl out of bed and look for my grandparents. My grandfather would instruct quick preparations of warm Bournvita and grilled butter-fried bread for “the child” and then he would sit down to the vegetables.”


maybelle’s mom gets Simple Essentials: Fruit by Donna Hay.

Thanks for being part of this. Next month’s hostess is Aparna @ My Diverse Kitchen. The theme is High Tea Treats.

- Jai and Bee

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  1. Nirmala says:

    Oh my god! I missed this event. Just cookes my grand ma’s on-the-go meal and took photgraphs but am not able to post it due to several reasons. :( How bad! The roundup looks lovely and heart touching. Thanks for the lovely theme.

  2. Meeta says:

    oh i love this roundup. I am now on my way to visit all the submissions and read their stories. thanks to you for hosting and selecting a wonderful theme. and thanks to all who took time to take part!

  3. Happy Cook says:

    This is indeed a wonderful collection of recipes.

  4. Rosa says:

    A wonderful roundup!

    I love heirloom!



  5. yasmeen says:

    Awesome entries and touching stories behind them.Thanks for the thoughtful theme and congrats to the winner :D

  6. Soma says:

    What a beautiful Round Up! You have captured the essence of everyone’s post.

  7. thanks so much. great round up and theme; I am excited to read all the entries.

  8. Nirmala says:

    Bee, I have indirectly participated in this event through Lavi’s Kezhvaragu adai recipe ;) I am happy !

  9. Cham says:

    Great memories filled with good food, lovely round-up and theme!

  10. Aparna says:

    Thanks for hosting MM with a rather unusual theme and taking me back in time. Liked your presention of the submissions.
    Congratulations, Maybelle’s Mom.

  11. Sunita says:

    What a beautiful round up of equally beautiful entries.Wish I could have joined in…the deadline just slipped my mind :-(

  12. Johanna says:

    lovely theme and gorgeous round up – makes me feel nostalgic just reading it

  13. Bharti says:

    This is a truly wonderful round up! Congrats to the winner.

  14. Lavi says:

    Unique Event, you have presented the roundup beautifully!
    Glad being part of it!

  15. Cynthe Brush says:

    Congrats! to Maybelle’s Mom. Looking forward to reading everyone’s tributes.

    Bee ~ The Monthly Mingle specifically referred to heirloom recipes. But your definition was broader, so I went with that.

    Wish I DID have some of my grandmothers’ superb recipes.
    When you’re a kid, you don’t think of asking for copies of recipes!!! They both specialized in desserts, which we eat rarely. If I had dessert eaters around and I’d make some of my Mom’s hand-me-down recipes. But I don’t dare have that sort of tastiness in the house without others to eat it.

    Meeta ~ Thanks for your kind comments. Participating in your Monthly Mingle was FUN and a “branching out” for me…having taken on the FWB mantle, not by plan…but by circumstance. Realized your contest emphasis was on heirloom recipes & I was focused on other sorts of heirlooms in this post. Citrus has been candied for generations before my birth…so the recipe still qualifies as an heirloom of sorts.

  16. Mia says:

    Oh wow! I am so touched by this event..!I feel like ive just been to see an amazing nostalgic movie in the theatre..
    What a beautiful idea for an event,I seemed to have missed this..such a wonderful new way of exploring personal tales and experiences.
    This roundup certainly shows us an amazing array of colorful emotional experiences,thank you so much for this!
    :) Mia

  17. Jyothsna says:

    Nice theme. Each story will have a interesting story behind it.

  18. heidileon says:

    It was indeed such a nice theme that we, all the people involved on the making of a post enjoyed so much.

    Thanks to you and Meeta for hosting such a wonderful event, looking forward to participate on next months Monthly Mingle.

  19. TexasDeb says:

    Such a lovely theme and in keeping with the many responses indicating how others wished they could have been part of the experience, obviously presented in what is a very inviting way.

    That is, after all is said and done, an heirloom itself of this blog and her authors….that consistent welcoming, the invitation to enter in the joy found in what they are doing.

    Reading the entries with a cup of hot tea or coffee (or two!) will be just the ticket to while away a chilly rainy morning.

  20. Maninas says:

    Lovely post. I really enjoyed reading it

  21. purplesque says:

    My favorite round-up ever. Congratulations, Maybelle’s mom!

  22. Srivalli says:

    Wonderful round up!..

  23. pritya says:

    Wow…you simply inspire bloggers to send in their best….it was such a pleasure reading this post…cheers!

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