Contestants: 39

Judges’ and Hosts’ Entries: 7

Total Entries: 46


IMAGE GALLERY of entries. This will be available for a month.


Here are the winners with the TOP TEN scores in each category.


first place

Jumping Shallot ~ Our Family Favorite Recipes

Canon 50D

second place

Garlic ~ Food is Love

Canon EOS 400D

third place

Garlic and Shallots ~ My Explorations

Canon 450D


Jumping Shallot ~ Our Family Favorite Recipes

Canon 50D


Stir Fried Chinese Chives Flowers In Brandy ~ Bake in Paris

Canon Eos 1000D

OignOns chinOis ~ Delimoon

Canon 350D

The hosts pick their ten favourites and get readers to vote. Each voter can pick three entries. The winner is the entry with the most votes that has not won in any other category.

Number of voters: 102

Total votes cast: 290


Vania, Sefa, Ema, Kris and Vero

Your badge is here.

We thank all of you who participated with your entries, your votes, and your support. A HUGE debt of gratitude goes to our judges.

How the scoring works

In each category, each contestant’s scores from all the judges are added up. The highest average score wins.

CONCEPT (most original) and DELISH (most drool-worthy) are independent of the Spectra (best capture) scores.

**CONCEPT (10 points) How original is the concept and how does it highlight the theme?

**DELISH (10 points): How drool-worthy is the picture?

**SPECTRA (50 points) How well is the idea executed?

The judging for SPECTRA is based on
Composition: Aesthetics and production values (20 points)
Craft: Technical merit (20 points)
Communication: Overall Impact (10 points)

In each category, each judge’s scores for all the contestants are normalised to an average minimum and maximum range. The contestant with the highest average normalised score is the winner.

**HOST’S PICK – Explained above.

See you next month with a new installment of CLICK.

- Bee and Jai

Grilled Onion ~ eCurry

Konica Minolta Dimage A200

Glazed ling with sweet ‘n’ sour shallots ~ Dalmacija Down Under

Canon 450D

Onion Pickle ~ My Children’s Chef

Canon EOS 450 D

Sauteed red onions ~ What’s cooking?

Canon D60

Garlic ~ Indian Food Rocks

Canon EOS 450 D

Onion bloom ~ Jugalbandi – Jai

Canon 5d Mark II

Luminous ~ Jugalbandi – Bee

Canon 300d


Pickled Red Onions @ A Perspicuous Mind: musing about food
Onion bloom @ Jugalbandi
Red Onion with Green Bokeh @ The Art and Science of Food
Shallots and Garlic @ Edible Garden
Spring Onion on Top @ Home Cook’s Recipe’s
Onions & Tomatoes @ My Experiments & Food
Garlic Shallot Still Life @ Photo-per-Diem
Pan-fried garlic in balsamic reduction @ Le Petrin
Vegan French Onion Soup in Bread Bowl @ Health Nut
Yellow Onion @ Nehal’s Food Garden and Fun
Glazed ling with sweet ‘n’ sour shallots @ Dalmacija Down Under
Scallions @ Simplicious
Grilled Onion @ eCurry
pea shoots with garlic and goat cheese toast @ Out Of The Garden
my kitchen perfume @ Voce i Povrce
Meatballs Soup @ Dian’s Easy Cooking
Allium Magic @ My Foodcourt
Onions are Good for You @ Renus Kitchen
OignOns chinOis @ Delimoon
Garlic and Shallots @ My Explorations
Onion & Garlic Still Life @ Appyayan
Onion Bowl In The Making @ The Knead For Bread
Grime and garlic @ Sunita’s world
Garlic in Black Background @ Reni Ariani
Shallots and garlic @ Malaysian Delicacies
Onion Ribbons @ Cooking in Westchester
Baingan Boorani @ Relishing Recipes
Lentil soup with roasted onion garnish @ Jayaspace
Chatpati Bhel Puri @ Yummy Food
Fried Shallots and Scallions @ Tastytouch
Leeks: Up Close & Personal @ The Budding Cook
Onion Pickle @ My Children’s Chef
Garlic @ Food is Love
Jumping Shallot @ Our Family Favorite Recipes
Garlicky Click @ Spicyandhra
Coconut Sambal and Poondu (Garlic) Podi @ Chettinad Fiesta
Snails In Garlic Butter And Baguette @ Gato Azul
Making Omelette @ My Life, My Child and My Food
Garlic and Thyme @ Veggie Belly
Sauteed red onions @ What’s cooking?
onion pickle @ Amma’s special
Sambal Kecap @ Bianca’s and Jordan’s Mom
Stir Fried Chinese Chives Flowers In Brandy @ Bake in Paris
Luminous @ Jugalbandi
Garlic Chilli Oil @ Ammalu’s Kitchen
Garlic @ Indian Food Rocks

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  1. verO says:

    Thank you so so so much ! To you, Bee and Jai and to all who voted for me !
    You know what ? I’m happy !

  2. sunita says:

    Congrats to all the winners. I absolutely love Vania’s picture.Thanks for hosting, Bee and Jai, and also to the judges :-)

  3. Rosa says:

    Congrats to the winners! Those pictures are stunning!



  4. Peter G says:

    Yes, congratulations to the winners!

  5. Vania says:

    Thank you so much! I’m so honour,… first time to be one of the click spectra winners :)
    Congrats to other winners!

  6. Ben says:

    Congratulations to the winners and thank you Bee and Jai for the opportunity to be a judge this month. It was a lot of fun! :D

  7. Lakshmi says:

    Congratulations to all Winners

  8. Nirmala says:

    Congrats to all the deserving winners. Bee I have some confusion here. I found some of the winning pics in Hosts pic options too. Am I missing anything here. Isn’t that the host’s pic options does not include the winning entries ?

  9. Ema says:

    Again…Thankyou for judges, bee and jai….

    Congratulations to all The winners..

  10. Mia says:

    Such lovely aesthetic appetizing photos!I cant help but wonder how do all those onions jump?? :)
    Congrates to the winners as to all participants,for you are all winners!Thanx Jai & Bee for yet another lovely event!Mia

  11. Sefa says:

    Wow! Thanks Bee, thanks Jai and also a big thank you for the judges for choosing my photo. You guys have made my day.
    Congrats to all winners!

  12. Soma says:

    Congrats! & Thank you Jai & Bee!!

  13. Eleonora says:

    Bravo for this beautiful site that I discovered and I swim in the happiness of seeing beautiful pictures.

  14. Uma says:

    Congratulations to all the winners. Fantastic pics.

  15. Cham says:

    Congrats to all winners!

  16. Joan Nova says:

    great job by all…I hope one day to have a good enough photo to contribute here.

  17. cathy x. says:

    thats it! when i can afford it i’m getting a canon 50D! the jumping shallot picture puts me and my non-effort to shame! i’d never thought that a food photo could make my heart race.. i love you shallots

  18. farida says:

    Congrats to the winners! Stunning pictures!

  19. Dibs says:

    Amazing snaps! Cant imagine onions looking so beautiful!

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