The cherry tree we planted two months ago.

Over the weekend, our friend Sayed (he likes snakes) came over to take away the creepy crawly in our backyard. He looked under every bush and in each nook and cranny. It either seems to have left, or is hiding somewhere hard to find.

We went around taking the naphthalene balls out of all the areas close to the edible plants.

The birds love the strawberries. These are the ones left over after they had had their fill.

Hiking Up Strawberry Hill

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Photographer: Jai
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Lens: 100 mm macro
Shutter speed: 6.0 sec
ISO Speed: 100
F-stop: f/20

DEADLINE: June 30, 2009

We save our carb intake for stuff like bread and potatoes and try to reduce it in items like dairy. Strawberries are ideal for those with carb intolerance or insulin resistance. A cup of sliced strawberries has just 3 grams of carbs.

Dairy and Glycemic Index

When we make fruit smoothies we prefer soymilk to milk. If we don’t have it, we add home-made low-fat yogurt and convert it into a lassi – a drink from north India. Lassi can be sweet or salty.

Per cup (8 fl. oz. or 240 ml.)

Milk: between 11 to 12 grams of carbs depending on the fat content. These are in the form of lactose – a type of sugar. Whole milk has marginally less carbs than low-fat or skimmed. (Carb count in various types of milk)

Unsweetened Yogurt made with dairy: between 4 to 8 grams of carbs per cup. The bacteria in it convert the lactose to lactic acid. The longer the milk has been fermented, the less lactose it will contain. The optimum fermentation is supposed to be 20 hours at room temperature. Store-bought is not fermented very long, so it will be in the higher carb range. (Carb content of yogurt)

Lactaid MIlk: Though the lactose has been removed, it may have a higher glycemic index than regular milk.

Lactaid doesn’t convert the lactose in milk to a non-sugary substance. Instead, it converts the lactose to simpler sugars. You see, lactose is what is called a “disaccharide” — a sugar that is made up of two simpler sugars. Some people lose the ability to break down the bond between those two sugars as they age, and this is what causes lactose intolerance. Lactaid breaks down the bond, leaving the two simpler sugars behind.

Not only does this mean that Lactaid treated milk has as much carbohydrate as untreated milk, but the treatment causes the sugar in the milk to be absorbed more rapidly, increasing the glycemic index of the milk. (Source)

Soymilk: between 3 to 5 grams of carbs per cup, depending on the brand and what’s in it.

We use Pacific Organic Soy brand which has just two ingredients – filtered water and soybeans. It has 4 grams of carb per cup.


(Makes about four 8-oz. glasses.)

Blend together

3 cups sliced organic strawberries
a couple of drops of food grade rose essence or 1 tbsp rose water
seeds from 2 pods of green cardamom

1 cup chilled plain low-fat yogurt (preferably home-made)
1 cup ice cubes
2 tbsp home-made berry jam
(or sweetener of choice)

Blend until frothy and serve.

This is our entry for Strawberry Feast at My Kitchen Treasures.

Note: CLICK entries will not be updated until the 25th of June.

- the Jugalbandits

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  1. Happy Cook says:

    I am glad that the creepy crawly is gone from your place.
    Love the idea of adding the rose essence to the lassi, i have rose syrup here which i have not used .
    Thank you for sending this delicious drink to my event.

  2. Jyoti says:

    Love the picture and the bright color ! Strawberry with a hint of rose and cardamom, I’m sure it tastes awesome !

  3. Dee says:

    Love the colours Bee… and I love the combo of strawberry and rosewater… Id like to try and see how a compote works..
    An off this post question to you… if I have to make a yogurt mousse .. can I use agar agar flakes instead of gelatin.. I read somewhere that we need to replace it with similar quantities.. will it work ?

  4. Sara says:

    Two weeks ago I had a rose lassi made with yogurt and a handful of rose petals from an incredibly fragrant, heirloom rosebush (not treated with pesticide in years). It was the best I’ve ever had!

  5. Poornima says:

    I wish I had a backyard where I could grow some strawberries…the cherries looks great.
    The lassi sounds delicious, could have one anytime.

  6. Vidya says:

    Lovely lassi. Rose essence and strawberry sounds delicious.

  7. Soma says:

    Cherries are pretty & enviable:-) what a cute stack of strawberries. u love the combo of strawberry & rose, never thought of before.

    does you friend like toads too? i have the ugliest one inside my veggie patch, & with the kids too:-( .. just kidding about your friend.

  8. Parita says:

    What lovely combination of strawberris and rose!!

  9. SuperChef says:

    ohh..i wish i had enough space to grow some trees!! the lassi looks great!

  10. Lisa says:

    Such a refreshing drink! I bet it would be good with some cherries too.

  11. Uma says:

    good that the creepy fellow has gone!! Those cute plants are tooo cute :) Lassi is a great way to use up strawberries. Slurp!!

  12. Johanna says:

    if I was a snake I would be hiding out in your garden with all those strawberries and cherries – how wonderful to have them fresh! And the lassi looks wonderful – I would call it a smoothie but I am not good on using the right terminology

  13. Raaga says:

    strawberries are long gone… the cherries are here now :-) I love fruit smoothies.

    But I’d pass the rose essence anyday… not for me :-)

  14. DK says:

    I got a great deal on strawberries 2 days back and have been using them in recipes left and right! Had some strawberry smoothie just 3 hrs back for my evening snack! :)

    Looks wonderful Bee – and I guess although ur friend likes the snakes, the feeling doesnt seem to be mutual though ;) But anyways good riddance isnt it?

  15. DK says:

    and yeah one more thing – the hi-fi gardener that u r – u sure wud crack the answer pronto to a question in my blog – I “discovered” them just 5 days back when they started fruiting!!!! I dint even know I had the tree in my own backyard!

  16. Manggy says:

    Oboy! I can’t wait to see what you make out of the cherries! (Assuming the birds don’t get to it first, of course :)

  17. Aparna says:

    This is one of the many ways my daughter loves and enjoys her strawberries “disguised”. She doesn’t particularly like to eat the fruit.

  18. dhanggit says:

    OMG, i wanna try those pink lassi!! delicious looking! your cherry tree looked exactly what I planted for months ago..only we have lesser fruit my husband ate them up LOL

    ps, glad to be back into blogging!! i’ve been out for a while!

  19. Cilantro says:

    Good to read about Lactose and lactic Acid. I usually use home made yogurt but this is good info to know store bought yogurt not fermented long will be in the higher carb range.

    Lassi looks great.

  20. farida says:

    Love your cherry tree. I wish we had a bigger backyard to plant as many trees as our heart desires:) we have a big apricot tree and our lemon tree is refusing to bear any fruits:) We planted strawberries and they refuse to grow:) something is wrong with our soil, or our planting skills:)

    Your lasse looks good. I like the addition of rose water to it. Must enhance the flavor. I always have a bottle in my pantry:)

  21. Bharti says:

    Pretty pretty drink. I really like to blend strawberries with yogurt..they just don’t taste right blended with milk.

  22. Navita says:

    Love the ruby redness of the berries. Thanks for sharing this awesome lassi. :)

  23. maninas says:

    This sounds really lovely. I love the flavour combination of strawberries, rose water and cardamom.

    btw, have you tried rhubarb with rosewater? It works really well.

  24. vineela says:

    Delicious looking Lassi.
    Love the pictures,Bee .

  25. Manisha says:

    Please send your reptile-loving friend to my ‘hood, cos you see we have a similar problem

  26. Labelga says:

    Great color! What a great combination, with rose essence.

  27. Hi Jai and Bee ;)

    Just a short note to let you know that I would want to award you with Beautiful Blog award :)

    Enjoy your weekend, Margot

  28. Hope the snake has crawled off someplace else.

    The lassi looks delicious!

  29. Rush says:

    finally some rose in ur dishes..remonds me of my click entry of ROSE..neways, will see if i can stack something up for real this time!!

  30. Strawberry rose lassi? That must be fabulous!

  31. RedChillies says:

    Interesting blend of strawberry, cardamom and rose water. For what ever reason I have not yet tried pairing all 3 together. I can feel the taste.

  32. deeba says:

    That lassi puts a huge smile on my face…YUM!!

  33. [...] Strawberries, Cherries … and some Lassi. [...]

  34. Cynthe Brush says:

    Exploring posts, months later…. Sounds SO yum! Gorgeous, of course. A local Indian restaurant serves strawberry lassi to my delight. This sounds even more delectable.

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