Contestants: 70

Judges’ and Hosts’ Entries: 6

Total Entries: 76


IMAGE GALLERY of entries. This will be available for a month.


Here are the winners with the TOP TEN scores in each category.


first place

Sautéed Morel Mushrooms and Fava Beans ~ Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté

Canon XSI

Jude wins an autographed copy of Sukham Ayu: Cooking At Home With Ayurvedic Insights by Pratibha Jain and Jigyasa Giri.

second place

Cherry tomatoes ~ The adventure of my cooking diary

canon 40D

third place

Cashew Macaroons ~ Rumah Manis

Canon Powershot


Berryliciously Spring ~ What’s For Lunch, Honey?

Nikon D70s


Ooze ~ Through My Lens

Canon 400D

Strawberries Filled Chocolate Cups ~ Palachinka

Canon 350d

The hosts pick their ten favourites and get readers to vote. Each voter can pick three entries. The winner is the entry with the most votes that has not won in any other category.

Number of voters: 114

Total votes cast: 319


Jude, Dwiana, Fitri, Meeta, Arfi and Marija

Your badge is here.

We thank all of you who participated with your entries, your votes, and your support. A HUGE debt of gratitude goes to our judges.

How the scoring works

In each category, each contestant’s scores from all the judges are added up. The highest average score wins.

CONCEPT (most original) and DELISH (most drool-worthy) are independent of the Spectra (best capture) scores.

**CONCEPT (10 points) How original is the concept and how does it highlight the theme?

**DELISH (10 points): How drool-worthy is the picture?

**SPECTRA (50 points) How well is the idea executed?

The judging for SPECTRA is based on
Composition: Aesthetics and production values (20 points)
Craft: Technical merit (20 points)
Communication: Overall Impact (10 points)

In each category, each judge’s scores for all the contestants are normalised to an average minimum and maximum range. The contestant with the highest average normalised score is the winner.

**HOST’S PICK – Explained above.

See you next month with a new installment of CLICK.

- Bee and Jai

Spring Chicken ~ Purplesque’s Vox

Nikon D40

Lemony Sage Aioli ~ Cafe Lynnylu

Canon 5D 100 mm Macro lens

Vanilla Ice Cream ~ Food is Love

Canon EOS 400D

Spring Feast ~ Indian Food Rocks

Sony A100

Admiral Bolete ~ Jai-Jugalbandi (Host)

Canon 300D

Asparagus ~ Bee-Jugalbandi (Host)

Canon 300D


Asparagus @ Bee – Jugalbandi (Host)
none @ Austin Agrodolce
Chestnut Vegan Birthday Cake @ kopiaste
Strawberry in Spring @ A Merrier World
Spring in Bloom!!!!!! @ Deepak Rao
Roses Are Red….. @ Coffee N Conversation
Fava Beans @ Cristina Morgado
cape gooseberry @ my picture collection
Spring Mint and Garlic Chives @ Aroma!
Spring chicken salad @ A perspicuous mind: musing about food
Admiral Bolete Mushroom @ Jai-Jugalbandi (Host)
Sprouting Beauty @ Health Nut
Mango Lassi @ My Life, My Child and My Food
Strawberries Filled Chocolate Cups @ Palachinka
chestnuts in the autumn rain @ dalmacija down under
Avocado Gazpacho @ Spanish Recipes
Spring Chicken @ Purplesque’s Vox
Bird’s Nest – A Spring Treat @ Vidya’s Kitchen
Garlic @ TeaTime by studena
Ramsons Pastry @ Dian Degen
Orange Blossoms @ Heartful Concoctions
Mushroom Manchurian, an Indo-Chinese delight! @ Monsoon Spice
Velikonocni Kruhki: Slovenian Easter Buns @ eCurry
Coconut Water – Purely Nature’s Delight @ Yummy Food
Ooze @ Through My Lens
Lemony Sage Aioli @ Cafe Lynnylu
Oven Dish With Egg, Chorizo & Bread @ Cook Uncooked
broccoli @ stream of consciousness
They Bloom For Cakes @ Salty Cod
Spring Onion @ LittleTasteBuds
Dandelion ( close up ) @ My Children’s Chef
Cashew Macaroons @ Rumah Manis
Black Currants Cheese Cake @ Simplicious
Spinach Basket @ SindhiRasoi
Celebrate Spring with the zest of Lemon Panna Cotta @ Signature Concoctions
Cherry tomatoes @ The adventure of my cooking diary
es teler , indonesian dessert @ La Maman De Naiya
Spring Watermelon-Papaya Salad @ Fresh Kitchen
Quebec Spring Salad @ GatoAzul
Sauteed Morel Mushrooms and Fava Beans @ Apple Pie, Patis, and Pate©
Mango Thokku @ Delectable Vegetarian Recipes
Vietnamese Spring Roll @ Mariah Septantri
Vanilla Ice Cream @ Food is Love
Rose Petals @ memoirs of everdaylife
Kare Ayam Sayur (Chicken and Vegetable Curry) @ Thankful Life and Love
View from Down Under @ Heart and Hearth
Young coconut ice @ My Explorations
Aam Khand @ Passion for Cooking – Memory Archived
Bunches of Carrots @ Madhu’s Food Journal
Pinkie spring strawberries @ My Kitchen Treasures
Berryliciously Spring @ What’s For Lunch, Honey?
Snack in a Sac @ Bianca’s and Jordan’s Mom
Grape Tomatoes with Garlic and Olive oil @ Delectably yours,
Fresh Spring Rolls @ Bake in Paris
Creepin’ Crawlin’ @ Reni Ariani
Just bloomed @ Fusion
When will we Go Back @ Home Cook’s Recipe’s
Neem flowers @ Amma’s Special
Sup Merah @ JKitchen.Log
~ Mulberries ~ @ Passionate About Baking
Vietnamese Spring Roll @ GoFourth
A Slice of Yellow @ Edible Garden
Tomato Rice @ Will-O’-the-Wisp
Smoothie Plus @ The Art and Science of Food
Cilantro lime vinaigrette and Strawberry salad @ spiceclub
Rose Apple @ Soul Food
Mango Pachadi @ Cuisine Point
Lonely Seedling @ Spicyandhra
Strawberries in the garden @ Priyanka Parekh
Spring Greens @ Our Family Favorite Recipes
Asparagus sundried tomato and olive loaf @ My Comfort Food Network
Droplets from the rainbow…. @ Saffron Apron
Spring’s fruity bounty @ Akshayapaatram
Fizzy Strawberry Drink @ Mochachocolata-Rita
Chilli Seedlings @ Cherrapeno

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  1. Alka says:

    Congratulations to the winners,and cheers for all of those who participated (including me of course)

  2. Peter G says:

    Congratulations to the winners! It was fun being part of CLICK again!

  3. Soma says:

    Congrats to the Winners! I loved the Fava beans & the Morels (Jude’s) :-D .. Every CLICK! The entries look better than the one before. What a feast!

  4. Marija says:

    Thank you! And congratulations to the winners!

  5. Sefa Firdaus says:

    Congratulations to all winners. It was fun judging for Click.

  6. Monika says:

    great pictures! congratulations everyone! :)

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    Congrats to the winners, awesome clicks!

  8. Happy Cook says:

    Congrats to the winners.

  9. Shreya says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!What amazing pics everyone has sent in:-)

  10. Stunning pictures! Congratulation Winners.

  11. Lakshmi says:

    Congrats to all winners. Wonderful round-up!

  12. RedChillies says:

    Congratulations to all winners. I am simply awed by the creativity of the photographers.

  13. sunita says:

    Congrats to all the winners :-)

  14. Priya says:

    Gorgeous photos! Congrats to all the winners.

  15. fitri says:

    Thank You for the judge, for Bee & Jai, for all voters..and congratulations to all the winners.

  16. SuperChef says:

    congratulations winners!!

  17. arfi says:

    Thank you. I am honoured. Congrats to all fellow winners. Thank you judges! All the best, ab.

  18. Nags says:

    I am really surprised the host’s pick winner didn’t actually win in the other categories. And the garlic pic.. just goes to show how perspectives are different, I guess :)

  19. Uma says:


  20. Joan Nova says:

    Really spectacular work…congratulations to all!

  21. Arundathi says:

    That’s great – congrats to all the winners!!

  22. ema says:

    congrats to all the winners…

  23. Sonu says:

    All of these pics are beautiful. Congrates to all winners! :)

  24. Jude says:

    Thanks so much! Grinning from ear to ear :)

  25. Mia says:

    Once again lovely lovely photos.Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to see so much beauty and talent!Congrats to the winners!I personally also loved the host`s pick..but they are really all beautiful! :) Mia

  26. Sharmila says:

    Every snap is a feast for the eyes. Love that spring chicken pic. :-)

  27. Madhumathi says:

    Congratulations to all the winners :)

  28. Lavi says:

    Congrads Winners!

  29. Nirmala says:

    Lovley array of spring delights! Thanks for hoting Bee and Jai and congrats to all the winners :)

  30. Bharti says:

    Wow! This click’s pictures seem exceptionally beautiful. Congrats to the winners.

  31. Aparna says:

    Its been a while since I’ve been visiting blogs and I’m really happy to see this selection of pictures. It’s a hot summer here right now. :(
    Congratulations to the winners.

  32. Nicisme says:

    Congratulations to the winners, great clicks!

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