Contestants: 84

Judges’ and Hosts’ Entries: 5

Total Entries: 89


IMAGE GALLERY of entries. This will be available for a month.


Here are the winners with the TOP TEN scores in each category.


first place

My Breakfast ~ My Explorations

Canon 450D

second place

Tomatoes ~ My Life, My Child and My Food

Canon EOS Rebel XS

third place

Rich Chocolate Cupcakes ~ Bake in Paris

Canon Eos D1000


Toasted Crab Sandwiches ~ A perspicuous mind: musing about food

Canon DSLR 30D


We have a tie !!

Sate Kerang ~ A.G’s Food

Canon 400D


Rich Chocolate Cupcakes ~ Bake in Paris

Canon Eos D1000

Butter Milk Stirrer Taking Rest ~ Home Cook’s Recipes

Sony DSC-W80

The hosts pick their ten favourites and get readers to vote. Each voter can pick three entries. The winner is the entry with the most votes that has not won in any other category.

Number of voters: 143

Total votes cast: 386


Ema, Roossy, Kris, Shinta, A.G. and Lavi

Your badge is here.

We thank all of you who participated with your entries, your votes, and your support. A HUGE debt of gratitude goes to our judges.

How the scoring works

In each category, each contestant’s scores from all the judges are added up. The highest average score wins.

CONCEPT (most original) and DELISH (most drool-worthy) are independent of the Spectra (best capture) scores.

**CONCEPT (10 points) How original is the concept and how does it highlight the theme?

**DELISH (10 points): How drool-worthy is the picture?

**SPECTRA (50 points) How well is the idea executed?

The judging for SPECTRA is based on
Composition: Aesthetics and production values (20 points)
Craft: Technical merit (20 points)
Communication: Overall Impact (10 points)

In each category, each judge’s scores for all the contestants are normalised to an average minimum and maximum range. The contestant with the highest average normalised score is the winner.

**HOST’S PICK – Explained above.

See you next month with a new installment of CLICK.

- Bee and Jai

Black Boy Peach ~ HomeMadeS

Canon 400D

Curd Chiles in Carved Wood ~ The Well-Seasoned Cook

Nikon D80

Lighting the Kitchen Fire ~ Sunita’s world

Nikon D40

Spicy Pumpkin Seeds ~ Jai-Jugalbandi (Host)

Canon 5d mark II

My most-used chopsticks ~ Bee-Jugalbandi (Host)

Canon 5D Mark II


Spicy Pumpkin Seeds @ Jai-Jugalbandi (Host)
Click-Wood @ Ruchii
Cinnamon Sticks – Barking Out! @ shanthi’s snaps
Gelato di Liquirizia @ Notitie van Lien
Black Boy Peach @ HomeMadeS
Orange-Cuts @ Simplicious
Whole and Half @ *Estudia.14*
Chakili @ Priya’s Sourashtrian Kitchen
Fruity Woods @ Sindhirasoi
Stuffed Red Tomatoes @ Spanish Recipes
West Meets East – WOOD You Like Some Chocolate With Your Cinnamon? @ Gato Azul
Love the Woods @ kopiaste
Delicious Dessert or Diet Food? @ Heart and Hearth
Pan de Podadores a hidden object @ 1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf
Cocktail Umbrella @ Lubna Karim
Italian Popcorn @ Finding La Dolce Vita
My most-used chopsticks @ Jugalbandi
Bread basket @ Purplesque’s Vox
cherry tomatoes@rekhas kitchen @ plantainleaf
Onion Basket @ MySpicyKitchen
Cinnamon Sticks @ A Merrier World
Tomatillos @ What’s cooking?
Fier(y) Wood @ My Foodcourt
Ebony & Ivory @ Peppermill
Soothing @ Cooking Etcetera
Raisin Bread @ Cook Uncooked
Garlic in a basket @ Catatan Irma
Lapacho tea @ TeaTime by studena
Butter Milk Stirrer Taking Rest @ Home Cook’s Recipes
Black Olive Pesto Focaccia @ Cafe Lynnylu
wood @ LSPhography
White Wine and Bread Basket @ Spittoon
Bay Leaves @ Passionate About Baking
Cinammon and Spice @ Edible Garden
Smashing home-grown almonds with Musali @ Vadani Kaval Gheta
Sugarcane Vendor @ My Food Blog
Cinnamon Sticks @ Food is Love
Bamboo Sunshine @
Japanese Wooden Rice Mold @ Aroma
My Breakfast @ My Explorations
Teriyaki Rice Burger @ Kitchenfun WithTi
Sate Kerang @ A.G’s Food
Coffee Grows On Trees @ The Salty Cod
Cinnamon Tea @ eCurry
Chicken Tikka Masala @ Palachinka
Cinnamon Quills @ Tangerine’s Kitchen
Spice Box @ Madhu’s Food Journal
Bukara Full of Wine @ 101 Dalmatian Cats
Non-conformist @ Sweet Sensation
Salade de doucette @ Delimoon
Cinfully Good! @ Health Nut
Mojito Cupcakes @ The Crispy Cook
Cutting Veggies on Wood @ The KoshyMostafas
Jasmine Rice @ La Maman De Naiya
Cake crumbs on wood @ My Kitchen Treasures
Metamorphosis @ Spice andCurry
Vonnuir @ JKitchen.Log
Curd Chiles in Carved Wood @ The Well-Seasoned Cook
Cooking Using Firewood @ Fusion
A Simple Salad Bowl @ Delectable Vegetarian Recipes
Tomatoes @ My Life, My Child and My Food
Wooden Pepper Mill @ Saffron Apron
Lasagna Notte @ Tasty treats
A Star of Spices @ Bianca’s and Jordan’s Mom
Methi Matar Malai @ Simply Innocence
Flavour of Wood @ My Diverse Kitchen
Celebrating with wood. @ Delectably yours,
Toasted Crab Sandwiches @ A perspicuous mind: musing about food
Cumin @ Just a Thought
Anchovy @ NLO
A Mariage Made in Heaven @ Spicyandhra
Sugar Cane, Coarse Grass and Winter Melon Drink @ Mochachocolata-Rita
Kolang-kaling Sweets @ My Little Kitchen
Seckel Pear (American heirloom variety) in Black Locust Bowl @ Cynthe Brush
Kadala paruppu kootu @ Tongue Ticklers ……
Wooden Spoon @ Amma’s special
Awele Africain porte Oeufs durs @ Les Casseroles de Nawal
A spoonful of sugar @ Priyanka Parekh
Wood with a hole @ Nanna Adige
Bamboo Steamer @ Priya’s Easy N Tasty Recipes
Natural Sponge @ Padma’s Kitchen
Coffee filter and tea bags @ Spice-club
Rich Chocolate Cupcakes @ Bake in Paris
Bread On Board @ Masala Vade
Asparagus @ Ksenya Lim
Wood/Kahliya-logue @ Kahliya
boite de fromages @ chai dume
My Favorite woodwork @ Ahaar
Lighting the Kitchen Fire @ Sunita’s World

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  1. Asha says:

    Kewl!! I like the Cup cakes photo and Lavi’s Buttermilk churn.

  2. sunita says:

    Congrats to the well deserved winners :-)

  3. yasmeen says:

    Hurray for the winners!

  4. Lien says:

    Congrats to the winners!! Great selection.

  5. Divya says:

    My wishes to the winners!

  6. arfi says:

    Well done, B & J, good work, fellow judges. Congrats for all the winners!

  7. Cham says:

    Congrats to the winners!

  8. Soma says:

    Wonderful Wonderful pics! Congrats Winners! I loved the pictures of the CLICK WOOD!

  9. Vidya says:

    Lovely pics :) Congrats to the winners!

  10. Uma says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!:) Stunning pics.

  11. Ganga says:

    Great pics. Congratulations to the winners. Well done.

  12. Arundathi says:

    congratulations everyone. Loved Lavi’s buttermilk churn!

  13. Roossy Tirta says:

    Thank you for the badge. I had fun competing. Thanks Bee and Jay and the judges.

  14. aquadaze says:

    congrats to the winners! particularly loved the pictures in this edition of click.

  15. Joan Nova says:

    These are fabulous…I’m still hoping to enter one of these days.

  16. Lavi says:

    Its almost my one and half year dream, that came true today:))

    Thanks Jai and Bee, for Picking as Host’s Pick, Thank U all your wishe’s and vote’s.

    Thank’s Asha,Arundhathi..

    Congartulation’s to Winner’s!

  17. Nirmala says:

    Congrats to all the winners ! Those were lovely shots :)

  18. Nirmala says:

    BTW thanks for your advice on srpotuing. Will do mine a home from now on!

  19. Raaga says:

    lovely clicks… and Sunita… there you go showing us your fingers again :)

  20. Purnima says:

    Congrats to the deserving winners! Spectacular entries this time!

  21. Madhumathi says:

    Congrats to all winners..Awesome shots!

  22. deeba says:

    Just stunning…I love looking at clicks here. Congrats to the winners!

  23. Jayasree says:

    Congrats to all the winners. Particularly loved the entries for this edition.

  24. restianti says:

    wow, what a wonderful photos!! love them all. congratulations for all the winner.

  25. A&N says:

    Congrats to all the winners!

  26. Cilantro says:

    Congrats to all the winners!!!

  27. Srivalli says:

    Congrats everybody, all the entries are really fantastic!…after a long time your blog opened up!!..

  28. SuperChef says:

    congratulations winners!!

  29. RedChillies says:

    Hearty congratulations to all the winners.

  30. Miri says:

    I simply loved the cupcakes – gorgeous and definitely drool worthy! Congratulations all!


  31. jaya says:

    Congratualtions to all the winners ..
    hugs and smiles

  32. Alka says:

    Once again,a perfect decision….Congratulations to all those who won….Cheers :-)

  33. Margie says:

    Congratulations to all the winners….and to everyone that submitted their work.

    This eye-candy is simply DELICIOUS!!!!

  34. Monika says:

    Congrats to the winners! beautiful pics…

  35. Giff says:

    good lord, how did another month come and go? newborns do that to you. lovely photos all!

  36. Pritya says:

    What a stunning array of images…very very impressive. Congratulations. The interest and passion with you which you organize this event is truly something remarkable. Cheers!

  37. Mia says:

    All of the photos are beautiful!
    So happy to have had the opportunity to participate in such an inspiring event..with such talent all around I can only grow wiser! Thank you,Mia

  38. Ema says:

    Thank you for all the judge’s that chose…, I was very very proud.., sorry I late because several weeks ago busy moving to the new house.
    Once more congratulations for all the winners…!!

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