… with alderwood smoked sea salt.

The folks at POM Wonderful sent us some pomegranate juice to try out. It’s 100% juice from the fruit they grow in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Good stuff.

I’ve heard of Oprah’s Pomegranate Martini, but I’m a margarita gal. So here it is.

I like my margarita a bit on the sour side. Add a dash of sugar if you like it sweeter.

Serves 2

6 oz (about 3/4 cup) POM
**or freshly squeezed pomegranate juice
2 oz. tequila
2 oz Cointreau
**or triple sec
3/4 oz lime juice
1 cup crushed ice
alderwood smoked salt

Rub lime on the rim of the glass and dip it in salt.

Measure out and mix the tequila, lime, Cointreau and pomegranate juice.

Put the crushed ice into a cocktail shaker or a tightly-lidded jar and add half the cocktail to it. Shake for 15 seconds. Strain it into the the glass. Add the second half. Shake for 15 seconds. Strain it into the first half. Serve with a lime wheel.

Alderwood smoked sea salt

The red alder tree grows along the Pacific coast from from California to Alaska. Its bark and wood was used by the Salish Indians and other coastal tribes for smoking meats and salmon.

Alderwood smoked sea salt is pure Pacific sea salt slowly smoked over a red alderwood fire. The process imparts a full-bodied smoky flavour to the salt.

A Mean Margarita

This lime-infused drink is our entry for Fresh Produce of the Month: Citrus hosted by Simona @ Briciole.

Manisha kicked off the Travelling NaBloWriMo Masterpiece a few months ago. The 11×14″ canvas travels from blogger to blogger, with each one adding his/her own input.

I volunteered though I can’t draw or paint. I received it two days ago and it already had a sun and mountains. Damn.

Kokopelli and his flute seemed easy enough. All except four of the markers in the box had dried up. I only posted it because Manisha asked me to.

You may stop snickering now. The canvas gets passed on to nags of a similar ilk in California.

- bee

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  1. Manisha says:

    So freaking cool! I love how Kokopelli is sending his music out over the mountains into the setting sun and the ocean! Why in heaven’s name or my name would anyone snicker?

    Make pomegranate molasses with all the juice, if you have any left over – it’s cheaper to do that than making it from the fresh fruit. :-D

  2. Meeta says:

    snickering – why should we? kokopelli and his music is bringing us happiness and joy bee! lovely!

  3. Kitt says:

    How cute! I love the little notes. No snickering here, either.

  4. Dibs says:

    Love anything with tequila in it….must be aewsome with pomogranate juice! Lots of new knowledge for me – alderwood smoked sea salt, and kokopelli too!

  5. Alex says:

    ‘I like my margarita a bit on the sour side.’ I’ll drink to that

  6. BlueMist says:

    it is definitely cute. and i totally loved this idea of canvas passing :)

  7. Jen Yu says:

    I love what you added! That is perfect :) Better than my “art” by quite a bit, my dear. Beautiful cocktail too. Pomegranates are an amazing color.

  8. Soma says:

    Thanks for sharing the lovely recipe & the music of kokopelli too. that’s beautiful. I don’t believe u cannot draw.

  9. Mamatha says:

    Beautiful!! The Kokopelli flute player, the mountains, the sun and the palm all look so lovely together, can’t wait to see the final picture. To state the obvious, you are a person of many talents Bee.

  10. Rashmi says:

    Lovely….why would anyone snicker?….

  11. Cham says:

    The drawing is proof of ur multi-talent, Bee. Kokopelli with flute is lovely like ur pom drink with the unusual salt!

  12. Rachna says:

    aw I love kokopelli on this painting, cuuuuuuuute

  13. shilpa says:

    Your addition to the painting is cute Bee.

  14. Manasi says:

    Bee…… U are one dark horse! Multi talented woman!!!
    The addition is lovely.. why would anyone snicker?
    The POM Margarita looks so refreshing!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Kokopelli? din know who that was…wiki did tell me but when I read I thot Bee remembering her south Indian roots…he hee…I loved your detailing of the sun design on the tummy curve and now on he is going to be a lucky charm I’ll be passing around to friends…plus he is so cute.

  16. Simona says:

    What can I say? Wow! The alderwood smoked sea salt is particularly interesting. Thanks for participating with such a splash of color.

  17. DK says:

    The new look is cool B&J….coming after a while…

    Need to catch up with lots of ur post. Hope things are great at ur end

  18. Jyothsna says:

    You can’t paint huh? I’d do much worse!

  19. A&N says:

    Lovely :)

    And the painting is beautiful, actually!

  20. Shillu says:

    Bee – everytime I visit your blog, I learn something new. This is the first time I heard of alderwood smoked sea salt.
    Kokopelli is very cute :)

  21. Paz says:

    Very cool-sounding margarita.

    LOL! I love your addition of the flute player to the painting. I used to play the flute. ;-) I enjoyed reading about Kokopelli. A fertility god? Interesting.


  22. Ranjani says:

    What gorgeous pics! I LOVE me some smoked salt on my margaritas too! Never put pomegranate in it though!

  23. Zlamushka says:

    Hi Guys, wow, havent been here in a while and what i see – a super duper my most favorite Margarita in a whole new dress :-) I love it, will try for sure.

    ANd Kokopelli, oh, how cute :-) I used to live in Arizona, where Kokopelli was everywhere playing his flute to bring happy little kiddos to the world …

    i loved this post :-)

  24. Asha says:

    OHO! How did I miss this post?
    I need one of those today! Had to get all the documents for Tushar’s high school application and had few glitches, had a headache by the time we are with it today! Phew!

    Looks fabulous and your drawing is so cool. I would never draw anything that good. Trisha is the founder and the president of Anime club in her high school, she is brilliant at it.

  25. arfi says:

    oh that drawing gets around idea is fabulous! i wish i could be shared hehehe love drawing! the colour of the pomegranate on the margarita glass is stunning! looks like port wine.

  26. joey says:

    Oh boy! That gorgeous cocktail looks like exactly what I need right now!

  27. kalva says:

    wow lovely cocktail. looks gorgeous

  28. Bharti says:

    The margarita pic is gorgeous!
    And the traveling masterpiece is coming along nicely….I remember seeing it on Manisha’s blog when she started it.

  29. Smitha says:

    hay jai and bee
    Yummo! I love margaritas and this one’s a winner!
    Also, would like your permission to add your site name on my blogpage under “blogs I follow” list. Hopefully, u reply with a yes:)

  30. le says:

    Love the flute guy. Margarita looks cool. Do u know of any smart resources to learn photoshop?

    it depends on what version you have. adobe has many online tutorials


  31. le says:

    Thank you very much! :)

  32. Melissa says:

    I am so glad to see the masterpiece again. I lost touch with it. I am down the list a bit and anxiously awaiting my turn. I love it! It is not at all like I expected! Where in the world does someone in Tennessee get alderwood smoked sea salt? I’d love to try the margarita!

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