Contestants: 158

Judges’ and Hosts’ Entries: 5

Total Entries: 163

Details about the THEME and JUDGES HERE.

IMAGE GALLERYHERE. This will be available for a month.

We are overwhelmed by your enthusiastic response to CLICK: the photo event.

Previous editions of CLICK HERE.

Here are the winners with the TOP TEN scores in each category.


Your Love-In-Action through the amazing response to the breast cancer fundraiser for Briana has been taking effect.

Bri enjoys the first day of summer in the river by her uncle’s place.

She’s doing better. She’s had friends come over – lots of laughter, conversation, and movie time at home. She was even able to have some of her meals downstairs with everyone – a sign that her lungs aren’t being irritated. (Her lungs are hyper-sensitive / asthmatic from the first round of chemo two-and-a-half years ago.)

Until last week, she was making her own herbal medicinal teas. She’s crocheting various gifts and projects upstairs for a creative outlet, though she isn’t strong enough to get back to cooking, yet.

Bri’s mother-in-law Cynthe told us: “The fundraiser is allowing Bri to get a LOT of alternative health treatments … The energy bodywork makes a TREMENDOUS difference in how quickly she recovers from any set-backs.”

Since the wildfires last week in northern California, Bri is confined upstairs because of poor air quality. Hopefully, things will settle down soon.

This is her pick for CLICK: Yellow. She said:

“Scrumptious, well-shot … When it came down to it, that was the thing I wanted to eat the most.”

lemon mirror cake ~ use real butter

Nikon D200

Jen wins the ‘Lemon Squares in Honor of Bri’ tablerunner handwoven and donated by Corie Hartig.


first place

Stand-Out and Live Strong ~ Tasty Palettes

Canon 40D

Suganya wins a copy of 660 Curries by Raghavan Iyer, donated and signed by the author.

second place

Lemon reflected on droplet ~ The adventure of my cooking diary

Canon 40D

third place

Pineapple Cocktail ~ Photography Savvy

Nikon D200


Stand-Out and Live Strong ~ Tasty Palettes

Canon 40D


lemon mirror cake ~ use real butter

Nikon D200


Lemon reflected on droplet ~ The adventure of my cooking diary

Canon 40D

Number of voters: 103

Total votes cast: 267


Jen, Suganya, Dwiana and Thomas

We thank all of you who participated with your entries, your votes, and your support. A HUGE debt of gratitude goes to our judges.

How the scoring works

In each category, each contestant’s scores from all the judges are added up. The highest average score wins.

CONCEPT (most original) and DELISH (most drool-worthy) are independent of the Spectra (best capture) scores.

**CONCEPT (10 points) How original is the concept and how does it highlight the theme?

**DELISH (10 points): How drool-worthy is the picture?

**SPECTRA (50 points) How well is the idea executed?

The judging for SPECTRA is based on
Composition: Aesthetics and production values (20 points)
Craft: Technical merit (20 points)
Communication: Overall Impact (10 points)

In each category, each judge’s scores for all the contestants are normalised to an average minimum and maximum range. The contestant with the highest average normalised score is the winner.

**READERS’ CHOICE – The most popular entry in the readers’ poll.

See you next month with a new installment of CLICK.

- Bee and Jai

Eggs / start of life ~ Notitie van Lien

Canon Powershot G7

Pumpkin Soup for Bri ~ HomeMadeS

Canon 400D

Oil ~ Indian Food Rocks

Sony A100

Spiced Buttermilk Curry ~ Jugalbandi (Host) – Bee

Canon 300d

Silk ~ Jugalbandi (Host) – Jai

Canon 300d


Eggs / start of life @ Notitie van Lien
Lemon Macaron @ Lemonpi
Go Bri! @ The Budding Cook
Mango ice cream with a walnut @ Cherry Blossoms
YellowHeals! @ shanthi’s snaps
Stemming the Tide @ Straight from the Farm
Fresh Yellow Turmeric @ Aroma!
Buttered Corn @ My Food Blog
lemon and lavender @ Andrea’s Recipes
Mango Sorbet @ Cherrapeno
Morning Light on Peach Brioche Tart @ Wild Yeast
MoDi Daal @ Enjoy Indian Food
Sweet n Sour Flavors of Life @ Roma’s Space
Cooking consorts: Gingelly oil and Fire @ Satvika
Popcorn @ The Paua Palace
Bell Pepper Hummus @ Cook With Love
Pre-Gold @ ThreeTastes
Keep Smiling! @ Essence of Andhra
Lemon Rice / Chitranna @ Archy’s Recipe Book
Chive and Goat Cheese Quiche @ Sugarlaws
A basket of waffles @ Cook Uncook
Love Heals! @ Tangerine’s Kitchen
Sundal @ Delicious Journey into Vegetarian Food
Inner Mango @ Suneel’s Blogs
Hugs & Kisses (Decorative Gourds) @ SpringMoonFineArtPrints
Bengali Kasundi @ Delhi Belle
Tarragon-Mustard Deviled Eggs @ Kalyn’s Kitchen
Spice is Nice @ One Hot Stove
Yellow for Hope @ Ruchii
Yellow Ribbon, Lemon Drop Martini @ Fotocuisine
Banana Bowl @ Mom’s Recipies
no. 9 antilles + tea @ today is pretty
Organic Mixed Lettuce Salad, Mustard Vinaigrette @ Taste With The Eyes
Corn Muffins @ Detalhes
Mango Rice in Season! @ Cooking 4 all Seasons
Paneer Butter Masala @ The Spice Cafe
Stay Strong @ Finding La Dolce Vita
Pineapple Gojju @ Paajaka recipes
Goya Juice Cans @ Victoria Brush
bergamot (citrus) curd @ Married …with Dinner
Cooked toor dal @ Aayi’s Recipes
Heal @ Vindu
Lemon Curd @ Rumah Manis
Mixed Vegetable Kurma @ Mysoorean
Yellow Mango @ Flavor Pantry
Strawberry Lemon Bars for Bri @ Eggs on Sunday
Butterfly Cake @ Peppermill
Yellow as Chamomile @ Spanish Recipes
CLICK For Bri — Turmeric @ Recipe For Dee-saster
Apricot Gratin in Sabayon @ Dhanggit’s Kitchen
Spiced Salt @ winosandfoodies
Mango Chicken @ Wandering Chopsticks
Corn on the cob @ Beyond The Usual
Mango Salsa Pasta @ Noob Cook
Lemon Almond Tart @ My Comfort Food Network
Cheese & Bell-Pepper Rice @ Fun and Food
Life’s A Mess… What Do You Do When The Yolk Is Gone @ Gato Azul
Silk @ Jai – Jugalbandi (Host)
Aamras – Nature’s Yellow for Bri @ Kichukhon
Pumpkin Soup for Bri @ HomeMadeS
Lemon Fudge @ The Well-Seasoned Cook
Cheesecake icecream for Bri !! @ Tasty treats
Gooseberry Panna Cotta @ With Vanilla and Honey…
Healthy Sour and Spicy Buttermilk and Rice Flour Soup / Majjiga Pindi @ Curry In Kadai
The Power of Yellow @ Veggie Foodist
On a Roll @ A Mad Tea Party
Yellow is for friendships @ Quick Indian Cooking
Potatoes- Bell Pepper Stir fry @ Malabar Spices
Polenta: 3 Toppings @ Angry Asian Creations
Omelette Sushi @ Palachinka
Turmeric for Bri @ Food With a Pinch of Love
Yellow For Bri @ My Kitchen Treasures
Yellow String Beans @ Coffee and Vanilla
Yellow Leads to Hope @ For The Cook In Me
Colour me Saffron @ vegetarian in ME
Saffron- Yellow for Bri @ Purplesque’s Vox
Lemon Chilies for Bri @ Maninas: Food Matters
Rice Noodles @ Veggie Platter
Plant the seeds for donations @ Kopiaste… to Greek Hospitality
Kadhi-Pakoda @ KonkanWorld
Sunny Saffron Couscous @ Samaithu Paarkalaam
Click For Bri @ Recipe Center
Mango Chutney @ Spice and Curry
Meringue-ing For Bri @ Passionate About Baking
Manga Perukku @ Currybazaar
Juan Canary melon @ Spice-club
Pineapple Torte @ Cafe Chocolada
Tandoori Bread from Azerbaijan @ Farida’s Azerbaijani Cookbook
Shades of Yellow @ My Diverse Kitchen
God bless you Bri! @ Big Black Dogs
Smooth yellow perfection @ CookSister
A little ray of sunshine: Lemon Berry Cooler @ Archana’s Culinary Adventures
Cabbage Thoran @ Salt and Pepper
Upma @ Zaiqa-Modern Hyderabadi Cuisine
Durian Pudding Cake @ My Kitchen
yellow for hope and comfort @ Escapades
Celebrating Bri’s speedy recovery (it never hurt to be positive ,its the least we can do for you) @ The Road Not Taken
Healing smoothie and yellow lampshade @ Real Food Lover
Exotic Physalis @ Spicyandhra
Yellow @ Charche Chauke Ke
Fresh Mango Yellow @ Food-n-More
Ham and Cheese Mini-Frittatas @ Thyme for Cooking, the Blog
click june 2008: Pineapple Jam Tarts & Cheese shortbread cookies @ Kedai Hamburg
Clickyellow @ Cooking in Westchester
Fresh Golden Pineapple @ Food Blogga
Yellow for Bri @ Ahaar
Carrot Koftas for Bri @ Soul Food
Yellow Pepper @ Illatharasi
Corn Muffins @ Cooking Etcetera
A seam of yellow @ Nourish Me
Mango Tango @ A scientist in the kitchen
Get well soon Bri!!! @ Easycooking
Crispy and Spicy Potato @ My Culina Sanctuarium @ Sometime Foodie
Ginger Dal @ Simple Indian Food
A slice of Lemon Meringue Pie @
The Yolk @ Sumi’s Kitchen
Pineapple Cocktail @ Photography Savvy
Sunday Meal @ When My Soup Came Alive
Moroccan Tagine @ The Leftover Queen
Keep Smiling Always! @ Art of cooking indian food
Mellow Yellow for Bri @ Feeding My Enthusiasms
Turmeric the essential spice in Indian cuisine @ Ammini Ramachandran
Clickyellow @ Cooking in Westchester
Macaroni @ Let’s Mess-up The Kitchen!
Dhokla @ Vandy’s Culinary Adventures
My Yellow Love for Bri @ Food is Love
Jackfruit @ White On Rice Couple
Spiced Buttermilk with Green Plantain and Mango @ Bee – Jugalbandi (Host)
Honey @ My Explorations
Pineapple Pate de Fruit @ Cafe LynnyLu
Paneer Shashlik @ Archana’s- Alchemy
Eggs Benedictine with Brie Cheese @ Abh
Lemon reflected on droplet @ The adventure of my cooking diary
Splash… @ AG’s Food
Untitled, Apple @ Jodi Adams
Lemon rice @ Tasty recipes
Blancmange and Blueberries @ PaytPooja
Hidden Cherry Cream Cheese Torte @ No Special Effects
lemon mirror cake @ use real butter
Special Lemon for Bri @ Kitchenfun withti
Dancing with joy… @ Isha’s kitchen
Mango Pudding @ Baking Obsession
Jack Fruit @ JusticeGopinath
Mango Madeleines @ feeding maybelle
Honey Cake @ Name
Pohe with Summer Corn @ Evolving Tastes
Lemonade @ And Then I Do The Dishes
Lemongrass Flower @ Carmelle Carter
Garden-Fresh Yellow Onions @ Live :: Love :: Laugh :: Eat!
CLICK – that’s the zest. Zest is good. @ To Be Mrs Marv
Every drop counts… @ Sunita’s world
A dish full of Hope @ My Creative Ideas
Ready To Whisk @ Exit 51 – Washington Boulevard
Click-Yellow for Bri @ KueBali
Mile High Coconut Cream Pie @ Canadianbakertoo
Lemon and Honey Tart @ Ammalu’s kitchen
Oil @ Indian Food Rocks
Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Ganache @ Mindy’s Deli
Sugar and Spice @ Bong Mom’s Cookbook
Lull before the storm @ Taste Buds
Stand-Out and Live Strong @ Tasty Palettes
Pureed corn miso soup and poached egg served with tofu dengaku @ Apple Pie, Patis, and Pate
Bri – A special Click, A prayer! @ Stream of Consciousness
Bri, Click for You @ Fantasy Cooking

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  1. Manisha says:

    Congrats to all the winners! Thanks to everyone who participated by sending in a photo, by spreading the word and by donating! And a huge hug to Bri!

  2. arundati says:

    Congratulations to the winners of this special Click!! good luck and love always to Bri

  3. sailaja says:

    Congratulations to the winners! Appreciate the sincere efforts of everyone involved in making this fundraiser a huge success. Stand out and live strong, Bri!!-:)

  4. Nirmala says:

    Congrats Winners! And I more than happy to see the “Fast recovering Bri”. Thanks Bee for her recent photograph!

  5. Suganya says:

    Winning *this edition of Click makes it all the more special. But the real winner is all the generous souls who contributed, making this fundraiser a success. Many thanks to all the contributors and judges. Kudos to fellow winners. My wishes and prayers to Bri. Stand-out and live strong :)

  6. sunita says:

    Congrats to the winners…enjoyed participating in this special edition…our prayers are still with Bri :-)

  7. sra says:

    So glad Bri’s doing better.
    Happy birthdays, belated and in advance, Bee & Jai!

  8. Kalyn says:

    Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone who has joined together in this worthwhile project. What a tremendous response, and I’m so happy to see that photo of Bri smiling and looking better!

  9. Pooja says:

    congratulations to all winners :) .
    Thank you dear Bee for keeping us updated with the news of Bri. It is so nice to see Bri smiling and enjoying her summer time. Dear Bri – Get well soon. Our best wishes are with you .
    When going gets tough, tough gets going.

  10. Jen Yu says:

    Congratulations to everyone who participated in this special event – entrants, judges, voters. And a huge thanks to Jai and Bee for their coordination, efforts, and love. The awareness and the collective support is staggering. Bri, I’m holding your hand across the internet and pulling for your recovery. xxoo

  11. EWS says:

    Congrats winners and great job everyone. There were some amazing entries. Thank you for the update on Bri. Participating in CLICK and hearing about how she is doing really made me feel invested in Bri’s well-being and I thought of her often. Sending you positive thoughts Bri!

  12. Cham says:

    Congrats to the winners! Enjoyed participating this Special event! Wishes and Prayers are with you, BRI!

  13. Thanks everyone! Lots of smiles…and tears of gratitude as I read your comments and think about how amazing this whole event has been.

  14. arundathi says:

    So glad that Bri is doing better! :) And congratulations to the winners!

  15. TBC says:

    That pic of Bri enjoying the summer makes me so happy!
    Thanks for the update.

  16. arfi says:

    congrats, everyone!

  17. Latha says:

    Awesome pics! Glad to hear that Bri is doing better!

  18. manggy says:

    Congratulations to the winners! Great entries. More importantly, thanks for the update on Bri. That picture of her lounging in the pool just makes my heart leap. Yaay!

  19. chemcookit says:

    Amazing pictures! Congratulations to everybody. And it was so good to read that Bri is doing better.

  20. Raaga says:

    Congrats everyone :-)

  21. Aparna says:

    Congratulations to all the winners. Though may I say that this CLICK, everyone is a winner.

  22. dwiana says:

    It is such a pleasure to be part of special click this month. Thank you for the judges and voters. Also glad to hear something good about Bri. May she will get better and better each day.
    Once again thank you.

  23. Rashmi says:

    Congratulations to the winners and to all those who organizd and participated in this event. Glad to know Bri is doing better..TOUCHWOOD! Our prayers continue to be with you, Bri.

  24. Dee says:

    Congratulations to all those who participated and made this event special and successful. Happy to see Bri recovering fast!! wishing her a speedy recovery!

  25. Johanna says:

    beautiful photos – hope they will cheer up bri

  26. The winning photos are stunning. Kudos to the photographers! And thank you Bee and Jai for a fantastically successful Click! event.

  27. farida says:

    Congrats to the winners! What an awesome job they did!

  28. Purnima says:

    Glad to read abt updated post on Bri. She looks very unwell but in good spirits! May she recover soon!
    I cdn’t trace my entry in ‘list of entries’. ( I want to b here as I truly support this cause! :) tks! enjoy ur weekend!

    dear purnima, you have an e-mail.

  29. Purnima says:

    Thankyou for linking!

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