CLICK is a monthly food photography event. It is a theme-based contest. You do not need a blog to participate. Each month, entries will be invited based on a culinary ingredient or concept. More about it HERE.

Previous editions of CLICK HERE.


FLOUR: The finely ground meal of wheat, or of any other grain; especially, the finer part of meal separated by bolting; hence, the fine and soft powder of any substance; as, flour of emery; flour of mustard.



any dish using flour as the main ingredient

in any setting, and send it to us before February 29, 2008.

Dumplings, cake, cookies, breads, fritters, pancakes, flatbreads, flour-based sauces, rotis, parathas, puris, crepes, flatbreads, baked, steamed, boiled, rolled, stuffed …. we’d like to see them all.

DEADLINE: the 29th of February, 2008, midnight, Eastern Standard Time.


Entries should be linked to THIS post.

Do you have a picture that has already appeared on your site? Send it in using the entry form after you have added a link to THIS event accouncement.

The entries will be posted as they arrive. They can be accessed HERE or through the ‘CLICK‘ icon on the right sidebar.

Dayna of vegan visitor and Food + Photography

Jaden of Steamy Kitchen

Katy of sugarlaws

Tim of Tim Broyer Photography (Winner of CLICK: December 2007)


(By taking part in this event, participants accept that the pictures submitted to have been taken by them, and do not infringe upon the proprietary rights, including but not limited to the copyright, of any third party. If challenged, the responsibility to prove the ownership of the picture, as well as all attendant liabilities rest with the participant.

Pictures that have pornographic content or are not family friendly will not be accepted.)

Thank you for your support and participation.

- – Jai and Bee

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  1. Siri says:

    Lovely Theme B&J.. :yes:

    ~ Siri

  2. Asha says:

    I think I have one already!:))

    Happy Monday to you both.

  3. Happy Cook says:

    Oh I am sure you guys will get lots of entry with flour.
    I have to put my thinking cap now :-)

  4. Padmaja says:

    Wow!! thats a nice theme Bee!! Now let me think!!

  5. Mansi says:

    man, you guys keep making it tougher and tougher:) will be challenging, but unique…nice theme B&J!!:)

  6. shilpa says:

    This is a great theme J & B. I am hoping atleast this time I can send something.

  7. Anita says:

    love the picture.
    Almost like a lesson in geography…layers of flour.

  8. Mona says:

    Hmmmm! Flour!! I have put my thinking cap on, Will send you an entry this time, Have something on my mind :idea:

  9. Dhivya says:

    Flour!ummm…thinking cap on!

  10. Nags says:

    Now that gives me tons of things i can click.. (mind whirring)

  11. Bhavana says:

    Does it have to be a recipe?


    no, it doesn’t. it can be cooked or raw, and taken in any setting – in a store, restaurant, farm, anywhere. – b.

  12. jayasree says:

    Nice theme. Hope to send an entry.

  13. deeba says:

    Puts an end to my wild imagination…flour it is!! Back to the thought process again!!! :yes:

  14. Srivalli says:

    great one…we have many choice… :dance:

  15. Anjali says:

    This one is easy. I shall post the flour in its element.

  16. sunita says:

    Wonderful theme :yes:

  17. Laavanya says:

    I really like the picture you have up there for this…

  18. EWS says:

    Ooh that sounds like fun. I keep planning to submit an entry for Click. I hope this is the month I manage to do it!

  19. Chennette says:

    ahhhh, too many choices :no:
    but then again, there are some flour based things I have been meaning to post about…

  20. Ramya says:

    oh, I so badly wanna take part in the feb click event!!! Don’t wanna miss it for the world…. The theme is interesting!! thanx

  21. Núria says:

    I’m in!!!!! Yujjjjjuuuuuuu! Don’t know what I’ll Click but there’s days ahead to think about it!

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