We had a lot of beer and cheese left over after a pizza party. We’re not big beer drinkers. So we googled up a recipe for beer bread with cheese and found the perfect one. This is the quick, yeast-free version. We also make a yeasted version (recipe in the pipeline).

If you end up buying a case of beer that tastes like horsep!ss (That happens a lot to us. Fortunately, the brand in the pic was quite decent), this is a good way to use it. It will give the bread just a hint of flavour, without asserting itself.

This recipe is inspired by Susan’s Beer Bread at Farmgirl Fare.

Achaar = picklethe Indian type. Not the wimpy soggy stuff in the Subway sandwich, but the set-your-pants-on-fire type – usually, but not always, oil-based. Any chilli sauce will work.

We added some mango thokku (hot mango pickle) to give it a kick.

The recipe calls for a tablespoon of baking powder. If you want to cut down that amount, replace 1/4 cup of liquid with two egg whites beaten until really fluffy, and fold it into the batter. With the egg whites, you can probably get away with 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder.

A word about baking powder: do get a new box 3 months after you’ve opened the old one.

The dill imparts a delicate aroma and flavour to the bread.

Any grated cheese will work for this recipe. We used Gruyere. We think Smoked Gouda will be fabulous in this. Emmentaler, Cheddar, Jack, Havarti are all good.


Preheat the oven to 375 F with a rack in the middle. Grease a loaf pan. If using a silicone one, place it inside a metal one. The bread holds its shape better while baking.

Add to a bowl
3 cups of whole wheat pastry flour (or all purpose flour),
1 cup any grated cheese, preferably sharp (we used Gruyere)
1 tablespoon baking powder (see note above)
1 tablespoon hot pickle of your choice
** any hot sauce will work. adjust to taste.
3/4 tsp salt
2 tablespoons chopped dill (or herb of choice)
1 small clove garlic chopped

Mix them together and add
14 oz. beer (we like dark. if you only have a 12 oz bottle, add some water).
** If using all purpose flour, you may need only 12 oz.

Stir gently until the mixture is blended. Add more liquid if the mixture is too dry.

Spoon it into the loaf pan, smooth the top, brush with beaten egg (optional) for a beautiful golden glaze, and bake for 40-45 minutes.

Check by inserting a toothpick in the middle. If it comes out clean, it’s done.
Remove from the loaf pan and cool on a wire rack for 10 minutes.

… with Orange Marmalade

This bread has a short shelf-life. Refrigerate and consume within 2-3 days. That should not be a problem.

Achaari Beer, Cheese and Dill Loaf goes to dear Meeta @ What’s For Lunch Honey? for her Monthly Mingle, where the theme is Comfort Food.

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  1. mandira says:

    wow, this looks fabulous. I have been looking for a bread recipe and have bookmarked this!

  2. Mansi says:

    hahahhaa!! this one is great guys!:) Beer bread to enjoy with more beer:)

  3. Manisha says:

    Dang! I came looking for achaari beer and found bread instead. :o hno:

  4. shankari says:

    Wow..we both have been reading the same book and now baked bread too. I baked whole wheat bread couple days ago. But bread with pickle in it..that is my kind of bread. I will make this as soon we we finish the other one…

  5. Asha says:

    WOT?! :no:

    Mango Thokku, Beer, my fave Dill and cheese all in one baked bread. KEWL!!!! :D

  6. Latha says:

    wow how innovative! Pickle in bread :no:
    how did this taste???

    tastes better than no pickle in bread. – b.

  7. musy says:

    Short shelf life, now that won’t be a problem with this one indeed :) Oh and with all the achaar and cheese, this one must have tasted GOOD! hey, and don’t be harsh on the sour pickles ;) . OK, i gotta’ take that suggestion about smoked gouda and try this one!

  8. Siri says:

    :horn: :horn: :no:

  9. Namratha says:

    Oh wow, beer bread…now this is one bread my hubby won’t get enough of I guess! :tongue: He is an ardent beer lover.

  10. richa says:

    that sounds like one tasty bread, specially w/ smoked gouda :D

  11. Miri says:

    Delish combination!

    and what a coincidence, for lunch with my Mommy friends today, the menu reads “wheatveggie”loaf and cornmeal crusted onion rings in beer batter! :)

  12. sagari says:

    thats a lovely loaf of bread bee

  13. Suganya says:

    What you need the marmalade for? Dunk it right into the soup.

  14. rachel says:

    Beer bread :) Great….and why the marmalade???? I would eat just by itself…

    handy tip on the baking powder by the way! :)

  15. Jyothsna says:

    My guests just left some beer that we might have to throw into this bread…thanks for this just-in-time recipe :)

  16. lakshmi says:

    I am thinking tomato thokku – I hate beer though – especially after a rather unfortunate incident with friend on graduation day

    Whole wheat flour would I guess make this too dense rather than a light airy bread – I haven’t found whole wheat pastry flour on shelves here in India yet.

  17. Happy Cook says:

    I do make always my bread at home.
    But never made a bread with beer and Achaar.
    Bee Come over to Belgium. Here we have lot of good beer.
    You know belgium is famous for beer too . :)

  18. dhanggit says:

    i finally found a way to consume beer deliciously ….by eating a dozen slices of this loaf :tongue: another of those bee’s genius idea!!! i’ll try this recipe for sure this weekend..i got a bread machine as a bday present..i could think of any better recipe to start than this one ;)

  19. Srivalli says:

    wow…sounds wonderful!..if only I can bake..

  20. Aparna says:

    I like the idea of pickle in bread. Pickle (the Indian stuff), especially home-made, on bread is something I love. No beer for me.

  21. coffee says:

    Trust you guys to come up with such combinations!!

  22. Rajitha says:

    loved the pickle part and as for beer..i always drink honey brown..i really enjoy it’s taste..it is trial and error with beer..but once u like something it is better to stick with it!!

  23. Dee says:

    this looks yummy, I have a bread mix which tells me to add beer. I have been contemplating on it. How would sun dried tomatoes go with this ?? Any Idea ??

    we often add sun dried tomatoes to breads. oughtta taste good. – bee

  24. TC says:

    I recently made beer bread. It was wonderful. The kids got a big kick out of eating bread that was made using an *entire* bottle of beer.

  25. kribha says:

    wow…. Beer & cheese bread? My hubby would thank me if I make this. Sure looks so tempting.

  26. Yum! I can just taste the goodness!! I love such creative fusions. I might have to try this out :)

  27. Lakshmi says:

    Do we get drunk feeling :tongue: after eating? :horn: :D Wonderful medley of thokku, beer, dill n cheese.

  28. raaga says:

    this looks good :-) will try it sometime :-)

  29. Meeta says:

    You make it sound so easy. I love it. Now how about “REALLY” sending me some of that beer … er … I mean beer bread yaar!

  30. Dee says:

    I tried it with sun dried tomatoes and it was wonderful.. finished the loaf with roasted bell pepper spread from TJ’s…. Thanks for the recipe!!

  31. That is so easy! Perfect for a novice baker like me..

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