Contestants: 67

Judges’ Entries: 3

Total Entries: 70

JUDGES : Jai, Bee, Meeta and Jaden

We are overwhelmed by your enthusiastic response to CLICK: the photo event.

Details about the theme and judges HERE.

Here are the winners with the TOP TEN scores in each category.


first place

Well seasoned eggspressions ~ Sunita’s world

Nikon D40

second place

High Key – Cracked Egg ~ Inner Lens

Sony DSLR A100. Lens 3.5-5.6/18-70

third place

English Breakfast ~ Spittoon Extra

Canon EOS 350d


High Key – Cracked Egg ~ Inner Lens

Sony DSLR A100. Lens 3.5-5.6/18-70


English Breakfast ~ Spittoon Extra

Canon EOS 350d


Eggs… Through My Lens ~ Tasty Palettes

Canon Powershot Pro1

Number of voters: 92

Total votes cast: 267


Sunita, Manisha, Andrew and Suganya

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of CLICK as much as we did. We look forward to your continued participation in the coming months. A HUGE debt of gratitude goes to our first set of guest judges, Meeta and Jaden. All four of us had to score each of the 67 participants on 7 dimensions.

Concept (most original) and Delish (most drool-worthy) were totally independent of the Spectra (best capture) scores.

Spectra was scored on five parameters – Technical Merit, Composition, Lighting, Flow, and Texture.

At times, I felt I was in the shoes of a figure skating judge. Now was that triple salchow followed by a triple toe loop executed as it was supposed to? How does that compare to the landing on the flip jump? The entries were very good as seen by the tight distribution of the top scores. Judging is also inherently a subjective process and even between the four of us we had some significant differences. We plan to mix up the judging panel to make it more interesting.

We will rotate the judges and keep bringing in new faces in addition to the Spectra winner from each month.

After going through the process we all felt that a few changes are in order to make the scoring process simpler and more efficient. We will explain those at the next installment of CLICK.

We thank all of you who participated with your entries, your votes, and your support.

- Jai

Eggstatic ~ Meeta (What’s for Lunch, Honey?)

Nikon D 70s. Nikkor 18-70mm lens

Shaken ~ Jai (jugalbandi)

Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel. Lens: 70-200mm

Rank and File ~ Bee (jugalbandi)

Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300D. Lens: 50mm f/1.4

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  1. soory for being late, bee…but, trust me, this seems to be the most interesting event ever in the blogsphere

  2. Basia says:

    Oh my goodness, who knew eggs could be so photogenic? These are beautiful…

  3. viji says:

    Such a lovely round up bee. Very enthusiastic event and awesome entries. Viji

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