CLICK is a monthly food photography event. It is a theme-based contest. You do not need a blog to participate. Each month, entries will be invited based on a culinary ingredient or concept. More about it HERE.

Fall is here. Our veggie garden is dying down, and farmers’ markets are closing for the season. However, there are some staples that make an appearance on our table throughout the year.

CLICK kicks off with one such ingredient.

CLICK an egg/eggs in any form – raw, cooked, partly hatched, we’d like to see it as long as it is edible. (We mean ‘egg’ quite literally. THIS is not an egg.)

As for cooked eggs, eggs should be the MAIN ingredient. The volume of eggs in a recipe should be higher than or equal to any other ingredient in the dish.

For instance, this eggstraordinary creme brulee has one cup each of egg and cream – which are the primary ingredients in the dish.

Likewise, this angel food cake recipe has 1.5 cups of egg whites – greater in volume than any other ingredient.

A cake with just a couple of eggs in it is not acceptable.

The picture should highlight eggs or the role of eggs in a recipe.

Don’t buy or eat eggs? CLICK eggs in a store, farm, in a restaurant, anywhere you see them, cooked or uncooked.

DEADLINE: the 20th of October, 2007, midnight, Eastern Standard Time.


Entries should be linked to THIS post.

Do you have a picture that has already appeared on your site? Send it in using the entry form after you have added a link to THIS event accouncement.

The entries will be posted as they arrive. They can be accessed HERE or through the ‘CLICK‘ icon on the right sidebar.

Jaden of Steamy Kitchen (Jaden’s Flickr Stream)

She says:

I’m so excited to be one of the first co-judges for this event! As some of you know, I’m an amateur food photographer…meaning I picked up my camera about 8 months ago and just started shooting food. I even had to learn how to get past the automatic settings on my Canon Rebel XT after month 5. It’s not about the camera. It’s about your love and respect for the ingredients. What makes the CLICK event so captivating is that it is based on one theme each month. You’ll get to see and experience the raw beauty of one type of food through many different eyes.

Meeta of What’s for lunch, Honey? (Meeta’s Flickr Stream)

When Jai and Bee made me a “shameless request”, as they put it, to be one of the first co-judges of their photography event, I was honored and excited. I love the idea that CLICK is based on a theme each month. This makes the event so unique. I see this event as a working group for anyone who has an eye, talent and imagination to take photos and would like to improve their techniques, skills and ideas. CLICK is not about extreme “techie” pictures, it’s basically about you – how you portray the theme or object and how you share it with us. Simply have fun with your camera and the motive in front of you. The rest you will learn as you go along. It’s how I got started over a year and half ago and even today I am learning everyday. CLICK is the type of event that will certainly help you progress, so start clicking. Good luck everyone!

Jai and

Bee (We’re not complete losers. We have a Flickr account too. So what if it’s got just one pic?)

If you do not see your entry on that page within 3 days of submission, please send us an e-mail at clickcapture AT gmail DOT com.

Since this is our inaugural theme, we have a special award. The first five people to post entries will be part of a lucky draw. The one who wins gets a gift in the mail from us. So start CLICKing !!!

- Jai and Bee

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  1. Srivalli says:

    Very nice theme…will try to be creative… :dance:

  2. Asha says:

    Cool!! You just gave all the Vegans mini heart attacks! ;D
    Nah, they can just take pictures too, not necessarily eat’em, right?!:)

    That’s right Asha. We have indicated that in the post too. –j

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  4. Dee says:

    Cool, K cooks eggs so I guess I can do this!

  5. Namratha says:

    Lovely theme..I’m off egg hunting now:)

  6. sunita says:

    Great theme :yes: I can’t bear to see the egg tray empty…time to get thinking :rolleyes:

  7. sreelu says:

    Bee & Jai, eggs wow that way to tough.but whats life with a bit of challenge, I am all for it

  8. sreelu says:

    B&J, have a question, since the even focuses on pictures, does it have to be accompanied by a recipe or can we post egg pics without a recipe.

    dear sreelu, we don’t need a recipe. – b.

  9. Madhuli says:

    Hey just made a recipe with eggs today..will send the photo, Amateurs are allowed right?? ;;)

  10. viji says:

    Nice them Bee, but unfortunately i don’t use it. Next time try to participate. Viji

  11. Cynthia says:

    I’m so excited and looking forward to this event!

  12. Sig says:

    Hey, great event guys… Good luck with hosting…

  13. :laugh: For me preparing the dish is easy! Somehow I am still not into food photography! All my food pictures are simple! ;)

  14. Passionate Baker says:

    O Boy…gulp. Am not an egg lover, least an egg person. Wish it was Easter though!! OK…will give it a thought, and hopefully a click before the 20th. Thank you Jai and Bee!!

  15. padmaja says:

    Gosh!!! Nice unique theme Bee, Can’t wait to put my eggs in front of my lens!!!

  16. Cinnamon says:

    Nice theme.. and I have already put on my thinking cap…. and the entries which you already got are just fabulous…
    Seems to be a tough competition :)
    Good Luck with the Hosting!!!

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  18. sona says:

    hi, count me in,…
    will sent the posts straight away!!!

  19. Nabeela says:

    With Manisha’s entry…nobody has a chance! :)
    I’m hesitatnt to participate with my poor quality pictures.

  20. Andrea says:

    Great idea for an event! I’m not an egg eater, but I’ll keep my eye out for great egg photography!

  21. terry says:

    nice blog. Will definately participate when I return from vacation.

  22. Full English Breakfast…

    A chat with Roberto concerning what to show his brother during his four days in the UK. Typically English things – a pint or two is easily accomplished with a darts match thrown in, Camden market, the usual tourist……

  23. BINDIYA says:

    Dear Bee and Jai,
    I have a query, my camera is giving me problems since past few days, can I click a picture with my Nokia N72 Camera phone, would that qualify???
    I am keen to participate.
    Bindiya :D

    you can click with anything, bindiya. – b.

  24. Chicagoan says:

    A big “DUH” to your “THIS is not an egg.” ’cause everyone knows that its a BEAN!!! ;)

    who’s ‘everyone’?
    ;) – b.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Dear Jai & Bee….
    I’m totally head over heels over your theme…. and the overall blogsite….
    Food & photgraphy are my most favo’s… And you are the winner blend….

    But i dont have a food blog yet…. so i can not participate ….

    Wish you good luck always… Keep up the good work ! :yes:
    Loved your tips for food photgraphy…..

    Smile ……… click :)
    Leena Ajgaonkar.

    P.S: You have a cute smiley icon with a camera… you can upload that too… this would be a perfect match for your theme…

    Leena, this event is open to non bloggers too. we have one entry from a non-blogger already. If you decide to participate, please look at the theme announcement for all the details and send us an e-mail with the pix and required info. Thanks for stopping by and good luck. –j

  26. Michelle says:

    Oh eggs! I’ll definitely give this a go.

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  28. Chennette says:

    can’t believe I almost forgot!
    hope I still have eggs…

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