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“No man in the world has more courage than the man who can stop after eating one peanut.” – Channing Pollock

Boiled Peanuts

Cover unshelled peanuts with water. They should be fully immersed. Add salt and turmeric, pressure cook or boil until the shell breaks easily when you press it and the flesh inside is juicy and soft.

There are a lot of bloggers whose recipes we’ve tried and loved, but haven’t posted about. Thank you for your wonderful blogs and ideas. We totally recommend these recipes. There are several more, but these are the ones we remember off the top of our heads. If we’ve tried your recipe, told you about it, and haven’t posted it on this list, whack us with a wet noodle, and let us know so that we can add it here.

Olive-Rye Bread (Foodie’s Hope)

Lemon Pickle (Indian Food Rocks)

Susan’s Lite Goddess Dressing (FatFree Vegan)

Apple Chutney (Tastes Like Home)

Purple Jam (VCuisine)

U.P. Potato Curry (A Mad Tea Party)

Goda Masala (A Mad Tea Party)

Wagocha (Musical’s Kitchen)

Vatana Bateta Tameta Nu Shaak (As Dear As Salt)

Puliyinji (My Workshop)

Carrot-Kothimira Pachadi (Sailu’s Food)

Thenga Chammanthi (My Treasure My Pleasure)

Avrekalu Chitranna (Aayi’s Recipes)

Kothimbir Vadi (One Hot Stove)

Kappa Puzhukku (Mashed Cassava) (Ginger and Mango)

Classic Brownies (What’s for lunch, Honey?)

Tuvar Daal (The Spice Who Loved Me)

Nimbu Saaru/Lemon Rasam (Spice Corner)

Crunchy Baked Methi Biscuits (Food, In the Main)

Payar (Mishmash !)

Thai Green Curry Paste (Krung Kaeng Khiew Wan) (Elaichi et Cetera)

Fenugreek Zunka (Food For Thought)

Batata Song (Food For Thought)

Egg Curry (Saffron Trail)

Mango Kulfi (Tasty Palettes)

Paper Dosa (Recipe Junction)

Red Bell Pepper Chutney (Mahanandi)

Pumpkin Hummus (Baking Sheet)

Kaju Katli (Saffron Hut)

Gujarati Kadhi (The Spice Cafe)

Tomato Chutney (Masala Magic)

Kottayam Fish Curry (Salt and Pepper) (Manisha made this for Bee and it was superb)

Now for a recipe we didn’t try, but highly recommend.

Jaden’s Negative Calorie Chocolate Cake. She’s convinced us that it is minus 32 calories per serving. :no: That gal can sell ice to an Eskimo.

We are grateful to ALL bloggers who share their ideas so generously and creatively. Thank you, and in appreciation, we offer you … peanuts. :devil:

We love getting your feedback on our recipes. Mamatha once wrote in to say how she tried Tia Maria Cake and the sponge turned out drier than she liked. J baked it again that evening, frosting and all, posted some extra tips with the recipe, and we got to enjoy the cake all over again. :yes:

Don’t feel shy to praise us to your hearts’ content. :angel:

And don’t hesitate to tell us if something didn’t work out, especially if it pertains to chocolate or icecream. :D :devil:

All complaints pertaining to radishes (and sambar, Bee adds) will be summarily dismissed. They are meant to taste yucky. :hammer:

- Jai and Bee

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  1. arundati says:

    its awesome how many people are trying to convince you that you must like radish and sambhar….that too together!! :hammer:

  2. Madhu says:

    Hi Bee,
    Delicious chutney… You don’t like raddish..You have to try red raddish they are mild and tasty. My hubby doesn’t like radish in sambar (b,coz of the smell) but likes in paratha and raitha.

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