What does one do with a watermelon besides cutting it into big slices and sinking one’s teeth in? Well, there are atleast SIXTY-SEVEN other ways of enjoying a watermelon. Who knew?

As the hosts of this event, it is our solemn duty to torment you with trivia.

As a polite guest, you are not allowed to do this :notlisten

So here it is:
There are round watermelons, and there are square watermelons.

For years consumers struggled to fit the large round fruit in their refrigerators.
And then there was the problem of trying to cut the fruit when it kept rolling around.

But 20 years ago a forward-thinking farmer on Japan’s south-western island of Shikoku solved the problem.

The farmer, from Zentsuji in Kagawa prefecture, came up with the idea of making a cube-shaped watermelon which could easily be packed and stored.

To make it happen, farmers grew the melons in glass boxes and the fruit then naturally assumed the same shape. Today the cuboid watermelons are hand-picked and shipped all over Japan.

(Source: BBC)

Square watermelons are completely natural, and are becoming increasingly popular in Japan and Europe. They are about three times more expensive than regular watermelons.

We are amazed at the creativity displayed by everyone who participated in the AFAM event. Thank you for your participation. Atleast 50 percent of the entries had to be recovered from our spam folder. If we missed any, please accept our apologies, and do send it to us at jugalbandee@gmail.com, so that we may include it in the roundup.

We would like to thank Maheswari of Beyond the Usual, who founded this event, for the opportunity to host it.

- Jai and Bee

**If you cannot see the pictures in the roundup, either our image hosting service is acting up, or there are issues with browser compatibility. We apologise.

Snow-Capped Watermelon Peaks ~ The Spice Who Loved Me

Summer Watemelon Cooler ~ A Cook @ Heart

Watermelon Lemonade – Two Ways ~ The Cooker

Watermelon in Rose Syrup ~ As Dear As Salt

Melony Drinks ~ Mishmash!

Watermelon Cake ~ Tried & Tested Recipes

Watermelon Crumble ~ Aroma!

Watermelon Cooler ~ Aroma!

Watermelon Punch ~ My Cookbook

Watermelon Granita ~ Tasty Palettes

Watermelon-Cherry Fruit Tart ~ VCuisine

Cardamom-flavoured Watermelon Drink ~ Malabar Spices

Watermelon Granita ~ Malabar Spices

Yellow Watermelon Juice – Two Ways ~ Taste of Mysore

Watermelon Ginger Punch ~ The Singing Chef

Watermelon Kulfis ~ Neivedyam

Watermelon Popsicles ~ Aarti’s Corner

Watermelon Protein Punch ~ SnackORama

Watermelon Juice ~ Veggie Platter

Watermelon, Pineapple and Feta Cheese Salad ~ Cinnamon Hut

Watermelon Icer ~ Cinnamon Hut

Watermelon Skewers ~ Hot N Sweet Bowl

Quick N Refreshing Watermelon Juice ~ Lazzat

Watermelon Jaljeera ~ Lajawaab Aahar

WaterLemon Ginger Ale ~ One Hot Stove

Watermelon Papaya Salad ~ My Foodcourt

Watermelon Subji ~ Magic Kitchen

Watermelon Mousse ~ My Chow Chow Bhath

Watermelon Icecream ~ Curry Bazaar

Melon Surprise ~ Curry Bazaar

Minty Watermelon Lemonade ~ Padma’s Kitchen

Strawberry-Watermelon Cooler ~ My Workshop

Watermelon Popsicles ~ My Workshop

Watermelon Juice ~ Nalapaka

Southern-Fried Chaat (Paper Illustration) ~ neroli.108

Watermelon Ginger Ale ~ The Spice Cafe

Kid-friendly Way of Eating Watermelon ~ Add Flavour

Watermelon Juice ~ Add Flavour

Watermelon Panha ~ Add Flavour

Watermelon Iced Tea ~ Crazy Curry

Watermelon Sorbet With Candied Lemons ~ Archana’s Culinary Adventures

Peach and Watermelon Salad ~ Bong Mom’s Cookbook

Watermelon Cheese Bites ~ Fresh Kitchen

Watermelon Margarita ~ Fresh Kitchen

Watermelon Ice and Watermelon Pie ~ Ammalu’s Kitchen

Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri with Ginger-Star Anise Infusion ~ Live to Eat

Watermelon Salsa ~ Kitchen Aromas

Watermelon Chaat ~ Akshayapaatram

Watermelon Cooler ~ Akshayapaatram

Watermelon Jam ~ AkshayaPatra

Orange Watermelon Jam and Dessert ~ OZ Tucker

Pickled Watermelon Scallion Salad ~ Zaayka

Watermelon Avocado Salsa ~ Zaayka

Waterfall Salad with Watermelon ~ Virundhu

Watermelon Granita ~ jugalbandi

Watermelon Margarita ~ jugalbandi

The Taste of Red ~ jugalbandi

Watermelon Rind Dosas with Ginger-Coconut Chutney ~ Spice Corner

Watermelon Burger Patties ~ Cooking Adventures

Watermelon Rind Pickle ~ Evolving Tastes

Watermelon Rind Wadi ~ Add Flavour

Watermelon Rind Chutney ~ Akshayapaatram

Muthias with Watermelon Rind ~ jugalbandi

Olan with Watermelon Rind ~ jugalbandi

Mor Kuzhambu with Watermelon Rind ~ jugalbandi

Melon Flower Vase ~ Mishmash!

Melon Lantern ~ Mishmash!

“It is chief of this world’s luxuries…..When one has tasted it, he knows what Angels eat. It was not a Southern watermelon that Eve took; we know it because she repented.” – Mark Twain

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  8. Raaga says:

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    Cool round up and wonderful 67 ways of eating watermelon! :)

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  15. Linda says:

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    BTW You do realise now y’all have added these bouncing smileys, I will be spending a lot of free time here… Coffee probably won’t mind, seeing I’ve messed up her comments with so many of them…

  16. Priya says:

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  17. arundati says:

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    Thank you Bee and Jai!
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  24. Suma Gandlur says:

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    I like your ‘The taste of red’ picture.

  25. Asha says:

    This round up is just beautiful.What colorful entries!! Jam stands out for me,gorgeous. I didn’t know you you could use rinds as well.I have a huge Watermelon,a patient gave it to Arvind grown in his farm in Virginia! I will try your’s!:)
    Great job Jai and Bee,enjoy the weekend. :love:

  26. Jyothi says:

    Just excellent roundup. I will bookmark this. I want to try some of the above. Thanks dear. :) :love:

  27. Sig says:

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  34. Archana says:

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  42. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful round-up! Art, uses for rind. And to think I thought that watermelon was only for melon balls and, perhaps, a juice or a punch. This is undoubtedly a tour-de-force.

    Well done and congratulations.

    Blessings and bliss

  43. Padma says:

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  45. Cool roundup guys!

    Didn’t have internet connection this past week. and read a few books. Madhur Jaffrey’s ‘Climbing Mango Trees’ was one of them. In it, she talks about her grandmother making pickles out of Watermelon rind. There weren’t any recipe. :(
    Thought of your post. ;)


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  47. Sarita Singh says:

    Hi this was really great ,, Sorry being late for 2 years ,, As it is now i got connected to Internet World,, This is really great,, I heard Square Watermelon in NEws ,, The dishes shown are cool and mouth watering,, nice collection in all respects.. Thanks

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