Mint-flavoured Naan Bread

We made Naan using our regular recipe, with this alteration:

We took a handful of mint leaves from our garden, and pounded them to a coarse paste in a mortar and pestle with

2 chopped green Thai bird chilles
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tbsp lime juice

(3 tablespoons of mint paste)

Add it to the dough.

Replace the salt in the recipe with Chaat masala. (This is optional.)
Proceed as in THIS recipe, first cooking it on the stovetop, and then placing it under the broiler.

This is our entry for the Regional Cuisine of India – Punjab event hosted by our dear Richa at As Dear As Salt. The event is the brainchild of Lakshmi at Veggie Cuisine.


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  1. aa says:

    This looks delicious. I have to try Naan your way. Can this ethod (without the broiling) make for a herbed pizza crust?

    for pizza, just roll it out, prick with fork and bake in the oven bet 475 to 500 F –Jai

  2. roopa says:

    wow i have to get hold of this yet! great entry

  3. Anita says:

    This looks totally professional – like the real thing!! :D

    because of the whole wheat flour, it tastes better than the real thing. :-D – jai

  4. archana says:

    The Naans are looking so soft and yet crusty on the out side.
    Your method of cooking naan is nice and different.
    You mentioned that you also tried to cook on a pizza stone.
    Actually I have never seen a pizza stone. Is it a metallic tray or is it made of stone ?

    it’s in the fourth picture here. it’s made of stone. basically any tile will do the job, provided it is unglazed. – b.

  5. Srivalli says:

    You naans looks better than the restaurant ones….but yours look so professional….are you guys running a restaurant in the side line…thanks so much for sharing this…


  6. viji says:

    Have some side dish Bee. This will be perfect to go with it. Interesting. Tks for the recipe. Viji

  7. sushma says:

    this is an awesome recipe.. so tempting..thnx for the recipe..

  8. indosungod says:

    fluffy and soft! just the way I like it.

  9. Mamatha says:

    Your regular recipe calls for potato – can that be omitted?

    we believe that the potato mashed into the dough makes the naan a touch softer. omit it if you wish. –jai

  10. sra says:

    I made a naan called ‘taftan’ once – don’t remember whether it was white flour or whole wheat, but it was decorated with nigella too. I think the only other flavouring was salt.

  11. Laavanya says:

    Hi Bee and Jai, Thanks for this flavorful, healthier recipe of Naan that too with a tried and trusted method of preparing it. I’ve always been intimidated about making these but will give it a try with your recipe and let you know.

  12. sharmi says:

    thats a beautiful entry and the nans rock!!

  13. sia says:

    my goodness!!! there is so much to catch up. just that i was away for a week and now shackled to office desktop :( will come back later and go through everything in detail.
    oops, i wanted to say that naan looks like the one from glossy cooking magazine :)

  14. Suganya says:

    Looks restaurant-y :) Hey, You can even send this to Nupur’s W!

    not a vegetable :-( . –Jai

  15. Linda says:

    Naans look beautiful guys… trying to catch up here cause y’all have been very busy! Your berries are making me green with envy, and the eggplant pizza? Yum!

  16. Cynthia says:

    Oh lawd gal! Send me some nah :) A lovely cup of tea, some butter melting on the warm naan, what else could one ask for.

  17. richa says:

    naan looks awesome :) have to give it a try one of these days!
    Thank You!

  18. Jyothi says:

    Hi Bee, naans looks fluffy and like really restaurants type. I want to try these. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW Bee, thanks for dropping by. If you tell only, I can able to know your problem of visiting my blog. But recently I didn’t add any new features to my blog. Its loading immediately at my end. I didn’t get any complaints from other blogger’s too. Anyway, once again I will check from my end. Once again thanks for dropping by at my blog.

  19. neha says:

    Looks good..I like adding some sliced garlic to the same. Quick question, do you manage to get the nigella seeds looking like that? I have to really embed them in the flour to prevent them falling out everywhere..

  20. saju says:

    love it! I love mint, I sometimes make guacomole with mint instead of cilantro / coriander – amazing cool and hot flavours!

  21. pelicano says:

    This looks totally yum- are you attempting to recruit us into the wheat-addict cult with this? I’m yielding…no I’m not…yes I am!

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