Icecream with homegrown raspberries

We made three varieties of icecream today. We have neither an icecream machine, nor a hand mixer.

Our formula:

Frozen Stuff + Food Processor = Instant Gratification

Make icecream before dinner, and by the time you’ve eaten and put away the dishes, your frozen dessert will be ready to serve.


Could be frozen chunks of fruit, fruit icecubes, or frozen fruit juice.

Could be plain ice cubes (for a sorbet), or frozen dairy.

e.g. milk, evaporated milk, Half and Half (which is half full fat milk, half cream) or heavy cream.

The frozen item should be in chunks, not in a single mass. We like to freeze fruit, or make fruit icecubes, and then store them in ziploc bags.


By food processor we mean something with atleast 450 watt horsepower and a good blade. Most Indian blenders like Sumeet will work fine.

We use our Vitamix. It’s the grand daddy of blenders, with 1380-watt action.

This mean machine can crush solid frozen stuff to a pulp within seconds, without thawing. We’ve tried making sorbets and icecreams in our Sumeet, and it works fine, provided you zap the hard frozen items in the microwave for 20 seconds or so to thaw them a bit.

That, and the fact that it takes longer to break down to a puree in the machine means that you may need to put the finished product back in the freezer for a little longer than you would with a Vitamix.


We grow raspberies, and had some raspberry icecubes (strained raspberry pulp that’s frozen). Frozen whole raspeberries would work fine.

We had also frozen some Half and Half (a product that contains 50% milk and 50% cream) in icecube trays.
Use evaporated milk mixed with nonfat dry milk (milk powder) if you want to cut further down on the calories. Use heavy cream if you want a richer result. Or plain icecubes if you want a sorbet.

Raspberry Icecube

Dairy Icecubes

Tossed about equal parts of each into the Vitamix, gave it a whirl for about 30 seconds, going from the lowest to the highest speed. Add a couple tablespoons of milk /cream/Half and Half if the blade needs help to move. Our raspberries were very sweet, and we added just a tablespoon or so of light Agave nectar. Blend until you get a smooth puree. It took us less than a minute. We also like to add a tiny pinch of salt to all our desserts. It somehow makes sweet things taste sweeter.

Optional additions: Lemon juice, lemon zest, Framboise (raspberry liqueur)

Make this before you sit down for dinner. Mix up 2 to 3 cups of icecream, and in 30 to 45 minutes, it will have firmed up enough to serve.

You can also put this mix into popsicle moulds or kulfi moulds.

Quick, easy, can be put together without much of an effort or cleanup. Tastes fabulous, and has no egg yolk (we don’t quite like the taste of it in icecream)

Since there is no whipping or churning to incorporate air, once it sets in the freezer for a while, it tends to become hard – almost like a kulfi. It needs to thaw a bit to be able to scoop out and serve again.

It wasn’t a problem for us, since we made a small amount that was almost over in a sitting.

If you make a larger quantity, take it out after freezing for an hour, break it up and blend it again. Put it back in the freezer. Or add the cream in liquid state after whisking it using the blender’s whisk attachment. Then blend it with the fruit, and set it for four hours.

The two other types we made were a sorbet and an entirely dairy-based icecream. Will post about them soon.

Sending this to Meeta for her Monthly Mingle at What’s for lunch, Honey? This month’s theme is Scream for Icecream.

- Jai and Bee

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  1. aa says:

    The first comment!!
    May I applaud your worthy efforts :)
    Its a 110 degree day here, and no sign of letting up for the next four days…expecting record heat. I am truly screaming for icecream…and yours was a delightful sight for tired eyes. (did i mention the sunlight has been a blinding white…and *whine whine whine* )

  2. Anjali says:

    Love the icecream and the paper.

  3. Suganya says:

    The first photo looks like a girl’s dream come true ;) Cute!

  4. sra says:

    The pink spoon’s cute. I like the way the raspberry ice cube seems to glitter!

  5. Nirmala says:

    hmmmmm…wonderful! A treat for both the eyes and your toungue. Since I live in India I never had tasted raspberries but u’re photos make me drool !

  6. roopa says:

    wow yumm one of my favorite flavours. a true treat !

  7. usha says:

    Lovely pics!! and easy to make too!!! thanks for this delicious dessert recipe.

  8. archana says:

    Nice presentation and as usual excellent photos. The rasberry ice cube is shinning like nail polish, nice rich red colour. Recipe for ice cream is easy and nice.

  9. Santhi says:

    now there’s no excuse not to make ice cream..;-)..

  10. Jyothsna says:

    I’m screaming for that icecream…. at 45 deg C it’s appropriate :) !!

  11. indosungod says:

    what a lovely sight for err not exactly sore eyes (might I add thirsty throat too)

  12. Anita says:

    I want some of those cute ice trays! That raspberry cube is so red…did I say that earlier? :D I might want to try this quick ice cream with some of my mangoes!

  13. Mishmash! says:

    I liked that cute spoon !

  14. viji says:

    Looks simple and easy as you said Bee. Wonderful recipe and nice photo. Viji

  15. Hima says:

    pretty cool ice cream, easy to make as well.

  16. Dee says:

    its so simple and easy. Wonderful. we’d like to give it a shot definitely, I buy 2 small tubs of icecream every week!

  17. Pintoo says:

    Dear Jai and Bee,

    I like your presentation. So meticulously done.
    The term icecream means ice+cream. So normal icecreams are made of milk, sugar,and other ingredients we add for different flavors.
    The addition of egg is the french version of custard base icecream. The French came up with this icecreams to suit their palate. But true icecreams are made as I mentioned above.

  18. mallugirl says:

    since i have a sumeet but no ice cream machine, i have to seriously try ur ice cream now. does it taste like a sorbet more than an icecream?

    depends on what you put in. this particular one does not taste like a sorbet. it tastes more like an icecream. – b.

  19. padmaja says:

    Jai and Bee!!
    what a wonderful write up and scrupulously done.
    You both deserve a lot more than just a compliment.
    Thankyou guys!!

  20. Hima says:

    That sure is easy and yummy ice cream. I am a big big big fan of ice cream. My husband always make fun of me, that I am a kid when it comes to the matter of ice cream. Any ice cream even 5 rupees ice cream cups on the road satisfy me. I should sure try this. The photo is so tempting.

  21. viji says:

    Woww…good idea and looks great.Very nice pictures too.

  22. sunita says:

    That is such a delightful ice-cream…worthy to be screamed for!!!

  23. Suma Gandlur says:

    Slurpppp… If I had that food processor :(

  24. How easy is that! I have been contemplating *investing* in a vitamix for a couple of months now. Looks like you guys endorse it? ;)

  25. richa says:

    love that pink n red shot :) will try using my champion juicer :)

  26. Cynthia says:

    I always admire when people make great stuff without all the high-tech and specialized equipment most kitchens have. I saw a mango ice cream the other day on Ramya’s blog where she just used the freezer and blender. Came out really good too.

    Are you doing the food styling and photography or are you the former and Jai the latter?

    we do it interchangeably. jai took this particular pic, and both of us set it up. – b.

  27. Dumela says:

    Jay bee, lovely lovely icecream recipe, i guess we can do this with any fruit, rite? i love the idea of pureeing them and keeping them in the freezer in ziplock bags, they cud easily be used for milkshakes too… you guys win the trophy for the cutest creative couple!!! cute ice trays, presentation, recipe, and write up….great post…

    thank you. yes, you can use any fruit. frozen bananas (the overripe ones as well) are great for this. –jai

  28. Srivalli says:

    The sight is so lovely…feels like want to grab it…excellent piece of work…as usual…


  29. Tubs says:

    I am a fairly recent visitor to your site and have been enjoying your postings. I applaud the goals you’ve posted in your profile. Therefore, I am somewhat surprised that you advocate and actively use dairy products in your dishes. I would like to encourage you to check out these sites: (Check out the Marketing Milk and Disease eLecture)

    Please abstain from encouraging people to use products that inherently cause needless pain and suffering. Please at the very least suggest “cruelty-free” alternatives when applicable.

    Please do not view this feedback as a criticism because its not. Animal industries have done a quite a job white-washing the reality of factory farms.

    we have echoed some of your sentiments here:

    however, it is difficult in our society to give up some things entirely. for the record, bee was vegan for a decade. so we agree with you, but we ourselves do consume dairy (always organic). yes, we do need to focus on cruelty-free alternatives. – j and b.

  30. Soumya says:

    I just had a disaster making strawberry jam using fresh berries… ended up with a syrupy concoction. Iam planning to freeze it and make this icecream. Do you know where I can find popsicle moulds – Walmart , Target ? Iam asking because I want to try this tom ( 4th – holiday ! ) and I can straight buy from the store in case you know. :)

    Thanks ! Just a ray of hope dawned on me after brooding over my syrupy jam.

    bed bath and beyond has some. they’re not the best, but they cost only 3 dollars. syrupy jam will make a good smoothie. – b.

  31. Tubs says:

    I was under the (perhaps, naive) impression that the reason your food choices were inconsistent with the statements on your profile was probably ’cause you were in the dark about the aforementioned issues. But, regrettably, that does not appear to be the case with you.

    My comment wasn’t in regards to the society in general; it was very specific to you. Just because it is culturally acceptable to torture and kill animals, it hardly means that we are obliged to encourage or patronize the act.

    While you may choose to clout organic milk in a halo of being a “healthier” and / or a more “conscious” choice, it is neither healthy (PLEASE watch the lecture on the link I submitted earlier) nor does it imply that the cows were not horribly mistreated or that the calves are not destined to be made into veal.

    If your choices are “conscious” by default to the extent they do not compromise with your taste and desire for certain food items, I don’t understand why one would claim to make cognizant conscious choices when they are evidently not. Given the wide array of dairy alternatives available today, weaning yourself off dairy is way too easy and deserves a chance.

    Thanks for letting me have my say. I do enjoy your postings; keep ‘em coming!

    Vegetarian + Cut the Crap = Go Vegan! :-)

    i don’t consider organic milk healthier or more conscious than a vegan lifesyle. i just think it’s better than regular milk. that’s all. my doctor tells me i do have a serious calcium deficiency. this is a health issue for me, and i refuse to pop pills if i don’t have to. it is easier for someone to wean oneself off dairy in europe or india than it is in the u.s. soy has its own health issues. so i wonder what a healthy calcium-rich alternative is. no, i’m not paying four bucks for a tub of non-dairy yogurt. maybe if it costs less, i’ll think about it. – b.

  32. Tubs says:

    I don’t mean to use this as a forum to escalate issues that are tangential to the objective of this site (and therefore, I WILL make this my last one). Dairy hinders rather than enhances calcium absorption. Your knee-jerk reaction simply indicates to me that you did not make an effort to study any of the articles on the provided links. Again, I urge you do so.
    All the best of health to you!

  33. Dhana says:

    What a fantastically easy recipe!

  34. Meeta says:

    Great one folks. As always one can turn to you for ingenious ideas! Love you!

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  38. Kay says:

    Hmmmm… that easy, huh? Great :idea: !

    I should go and read the huge recipe book that came with my vitamix. :hammer: I use it for making a smoothie everyday. but somewhere along the line, I forgot it can be used for a LOT many things. Thanks buddy! I’ll freeze some cream or half and half to satisfy those icecream cravings!

    Bee and JAi, Would you guys know where I can get me some kulfi moulds?

    dunno about kulfi moulds, but you can get popsicle moulds online – something like these:

    - b.

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