When we chose Jackfruit as the ingredient for Jihva for Ingredients – June, we went with gut feel and were not really sure how it would turn out. The initial set of comments from all of you seemed dichotomous (which, in hindsight, was expected) because jackfruit does evoke such strong “love it” or “hate it” emotions.

We are absolutely thrilled to present to you SEVENTY-SIX entries with 74 delicious flavours.

The response, to put it mildly, has been overwhelming and touching. Many were cooking jackfruit for the first time, some after a hiatus of several years, and some searched far and wide, traveling several miles to locate it.

What we have here is an incredible array of traditional dishes and innovative creations using green and ripe jackfruit, and jackfruit seeds.

We are very grateful to Indira of Mahanandi – the brain behind JFI – for the opportunity to host this event.

If your entry failed to show up here, it probably ended up in our spam folder. We apologise. Please contact us at jugalbandee@gmail.com, so that we could add it to the list.

- Jai and Bee

**If you cannot see the pictures in the roundup, either our image hosting service is acting up, or there are issues with browser compatibility. We apologise.

Chakkapuzhukku (Mashed Jackfruit) ~ Ginger and Mango

4-in-1 Sweet and Spicy Jackfruit ~ Out of The Garden

Panasapattu/Raw Jackfruit Curry ~ Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Green Jackfruit Curry with Mustard Seeds ~ Ammalu’s Kitchen

Kathal Kababs and Kathal Fries ~ Foodie’s Hope

Dahi Kathal ~ Foodie’s Hope

Halasinakayi Palya ~ Foodie’s Hope

Green Jackfruit Pulao ~ FoodArray

Kaeng Khiew Wan Gai (Thai Sweet Green Chicken Stew) ~ Elaichi et Cetera

Jackfruit-Potato Bhaji ~ Karthik Chandan from Toronto, Canada. Recipe here

Green Jackfruit Chana Curry ~ BubbaLili’s Messy Kitchen

Jackfruit Erisseri ~ Spices of Kerala

Enchorer Dalna ~ Ahaar

Jackfruit Masala Curry ~ Cook’s Hideout

Chakka Pathiri ~ Simply Spicy

Jackfruit Kebabs ~ Letz Cook

Jackfruit Curry ~ Purl Up and Crochet

Pala Musu (Green Jackfruit Curry) ~ Tasty Palettes

Kashmiri Enchor ~ Bong Mom’s Cookbook

Kathal Biryani ~ The Green Jackfruit

Chakka Mezhukuparatti (Stir Fry) ~ Malabar Spices

Jackfruit with Horse Gram ~ Healthy N Spicy

Kos Mallum (Sinhalese-style Green Jackfruit) ~ Virundhu

Sayur Nangka (Malaysian-style Green Jackfruit) ~ Virundhu

Jackfruit Kababs ~ Bhaatukli

Jackfruit Curry ~ Sunita’s World

Jackfruity Chips ~ Aruna & Friends Blog

Chakka Puzhukku (Mashed Jackfruit) ~ jugalbandi

Panasapandu Ullikaram ~ Sreelu’s Tasty Travels

Jackfruit Seeds Poriyal ~ Virundhu

Jackfruit Seeds-Drumsick Curry ~ Virundhu

Cooked Jackfruit Seeds ~ Talimpu

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Jackfruit Seeds Curry ~ VCuisine

Jackfruit Seeds and Drumstick Leaves Thoran ~ Ginger and Mango

Phanas Kadbole ~ Anna Parabrahma

Chakkakkuru Mulakittathu ~ Simple and Delicious

Boiled Jackfruit Seeds ~ My Foodcourt

Jackfruit Seeds Stir Fry ~ Memories and Meals

Jackfruit Seeds with Mustard Paste ~ Muri Mixture

Roasted Jackfruit Seeds ~ jugalbandi

Jackfruit Idlis with Mango Chutney ~ Spice Corner

Jackfruit-Coconut Cake ~ Archana’s Culinary Adventures

Jackfruit Gadbad Icecream ~ Archana’s Culinary Adventures

Chakka Ada ~ Meera’s Blog

Jackfruit-Coconut Pancakes ~ Foodie’s Hope

Jackfruit Burfi ~ Memories from My Mom’s Kitchen

Jackfruit Tamale ~ Virundhu

Sinh To Mit (Filipino Jackfruit Sherbet) ~ Virundhu

Nangka Kolak (Indonesian Jackfruit-Lentil Payasam) ~ Virundhu

Jackfruit Mousse ~ Kitchen Wonders

Jackfruit Kozhukatta ~ Magic Kitchen

Jackfruit and Strawberry Flan ~ Spicy Andhra

Jackfruit Halwa ~ Tasty Palettes

Jackfruit Muffins ~ AkshayaPatra

Jackfruit Paratha ~ Amma’s Special

Chakkai Varatti (Jackfruit Preserves) ~ Live to Cook

Jackfruit Napoleans ~ Hot N’ Sweet Bowl

Jackfruit Halwa ~ Veggie Platter

Pala Kova-filled Jackfruits (Palakova Panasa Thonalu) ~ Mahanandi

Honeyed Jackfruit with Raspberry Granita ~ Mahanandi

Jackfruit Banana Cake ~ Mahanandi

J J J Pinstripes ~ Vindu

Ghee-roasted Jackfruit ~ Vindu

Jackfruit Elai Adai ~ The Green Jackfruit

Chakka Prathaman ~ Simple and Delicious

Therali Appam ~ Curry Bytes

PB & J Sandwich with Jackfruit ~ Curry Bytes

Jack in a Tart ~ Akshayapaatram

Jackfruit-Yogurt Panna Cotta with Blueberry Coulis ~ Live to Eat

Chakka Dosa ~ Me and my food thoughts

Chakka Madhura Curry ~ jugalbandi

Jackfruit Boats in Honey ~ jugalbandi

Chakka Pradhaman ~ jugalbandi

Dancing Fountain at Food for the Soul reminisces about her childhood at her grandparents’ home, where they picked jackfruit fresh off the tree and turned it into various delicacies.

Santhi of Me and my food thoughts describes how “divine intervention” and some ingenious manoeuvers helped her procure the fruit.

Coffee at The Spice Cafe gives steamy details of her love affair with the durian – ‘the other jackfruit’.

As for Jai, he almost did cartwheels when he found fresh jackfruit at the Asian grocer. He paid the price of a small animal for it, then spent the rest of the afternoon caressing it, whispering sweet nothings to it, and getting it to pose provocatively for him. See the labours of his love HERE and HERE.

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  1. prema says:

    That was a wonderful round up.. for quite some time I have been seeing lots of dishes using jackfruit. I never dreamt that u can make so many dishes using jackfruit.. U know I have never bought jackfruit here in US. after seeing so many recipes I bought the tinned one and it tasted great…. thanks so much for hosting this event so that people like me could get a better idea of dishes with jackfruit.

  2. prajusha says:

    woh..i had been waiting for the roundup.nice to see so many diff. varieties of jackfruit dishes.thanks jai and bee for the great effort.

  3. sally qazi says:

    I live in East Africa where thre is an abundance of jackfruit. I can finally maximise the use of this wonderful fruit thank you so much this great information. Sally

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