The tree of intense
is all blue sky,
yellow sun, fatigue in drops,
a sword
above the highways,
a scorched shoe
in the cities:
the brightness and the world
weigh us down,
hit us
in the eyes
with clouds of dust,
with sudden golden blows,
they torture
our feet
with tiny thorns,
with hot stones,
and the mouth
more than all the toes:
the throat
becomes thirsty,
the teeth,
the lips, the tongue:
we want to drink
the dark blue night,
the South Pole,
and then
the coolest of all
the planets crosses
the sky,
the round, magnificent,
star-filled watermelon.

It’s a fruit from the thirst-tree.
It’s the green whale of the summer.
The dry universe
all at once
given dark stars
by this firmament of coolness
lets the swelling
come down:
its hemispheres open
showing a flag
green, white, red,
that dissolves into
wild rivers, sugar,

Jewel box of water, phlegmatic
of the fruitshops,
of profundity, moon
on earth!
You are pure,
rubies fall apart
in your abundance,
and we
to bite into you,
to bury our
in you, and
our hair, and
the soul!

When we’re thirsty
we glimpse you
a mine or a mountain
of fantastic food,
among our longings and our teeth
you change
into cool light
that slips in turn into
spring water
that touched us once
And that is why
you don’t weigh us down
in the siesta hour
that’s like an oven,
you don’t weigh us down,
you just
go by
and your heart, some cold ember,
turned itself into a single
drop of water.

~ Pablo Neruda

We are grateful to Maheswari of Beyond the Usual for the opportunity to host this event.

To participate in this event:

1. Prepare a dish with this ingredient, and post it on your blog in the month of July.

2. Please link to this event announcement, and feel free to use this logo:

3. Please send us an e-mail notifying us of your entry at

Please use “AFAM” to denote the subject matter.

4. If you do have a picture, please enclose it in 450 x 330 pixel size with your e-mail.

5. If you are a non-blogger, please send your recipe and picture with your e-mail.

6. The deadline for this event is July 25, 2007. The round-up will be posted by August 3, which is National Watermelon Day.

We look forward to your creative contributions.

- Jai and Bee

A reminder: The deadline for AFAM – June (Orange) at Neivedyam is June 25, 2007.

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  1. Coffee says:

    And I was almost expecting to find the dreaded durian here!!!! ;)

    Watermelon is a good coice. :)

  2. viji says:

    Very much eager to see the entries Bee, as usual. Nice choice. Viji

  3. archana says:

    Nice theme Bee. I have just posted the garlic chutney on my blog.

  4. Suganya says:

    Great choice Bee and Jai… I already have few ideas in my head.. Vl try getting them out :D

  5. Nupur says:

    Oh, I could sing an ode to the watermelon…but I better not, since Neruda did such a good job! :) My favorite fruit! Thanks for a great theme.

  6. trupti says:

    Lovely choice! This is a favorite in our home..


  7. richa says:

    just yesterday we were discussing about the vendors style of cutting that triangle in the watermelon to check for the “redness” back home :)

  8. sra says:

    As good a choice as jackfruit, tho’ it seems easier – most people just sink their teeth into it or juice it, so will be interesting to watch everyone comes up with!

  9. Jyothsna says:

    Was eager to see watermelon feature on AFAM, thanks guys!

  10. TheCooker says:

    ‘phlegmatic queen of the fruitshops’. Have always wondered about that phrase/ description.
    Great choice! When I saw durian and AFAM mentioned in the same sentence…was a bit worried.

  11. Dumela says:

    Im sending in my recipe now… take a slice and dig your teeth in…. what else do u do with the perfect watermelon…. to me it rivals the mango… now where do i find a watermelon in this african winter… :(

  12. Shilpa says:

    National Watermelon Day? Haha! Did you know there is also a National Watermelon Promotion Board?

    THey have a section or carving, which is how I found it!

  13. Madhu says:

    Hi Jay & Bee,
    Photos are excellent! Great choice ….

  14. Cynthia says:

    The pics are so artful almost contemplative. Will see what I can come up with for the event.

  15. Dilip says:

    awesome pics…great post…thanks

  16. Hima says:

    Good choice… will put my brain to work to come up with a tasty recipe on this. Thanks

  17. pelicano says:

    Beautiful poem…I gave up trying to figure out which words went with which and just let the stream flow.

  18. roopa says:

    great choice!

  19. Asha says:

    Good choice of fruit for Summer Bee.I will cook when I am back home:)

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  21. prajusha says:

    hi bee,
    Great choice.liked the pics. will post a good recipe soon:)

  22. Kajal says:

    You select great fruit for a A fruit A month event. I also like to participant this nice event but here is very heavy rain and watermelon is out of season so not seen in fruit market so I can’t participant. But I see everyone entry but wait for your nice round up when july is finish and I show all entry in your blog.:)

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  24. [...] but was extremely satisfied with the end result. This is my contribution to this month’s AFAM for watermelon hosted by Bee which is initiated by [...]

  25. maheswari says:

    Hey..thanks for hosting and for choosing this wonderful selection

  26. Watermelons are not in season right now, else I’d take part :(

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  28. [...] I’d jump in and send in my experimental entry to Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi. They are hosting “A Fruit A Month” event this month. This is the first time I am participating in this event; must be the [...]

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  30. [...] picture courtesy- Check out the health benefits of watermelon here. This is a simple recipe which I learnt from my friend’s mom during my college days. The ginger and lemon juices comined with melon turns out to be an excellent summer drink. This is my contribution to the AFAM this month hosted by Bee of Jugalbandhi. [...]

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