We like our pasta with some spice action – flavourings like tomato chutney, Pesto alla Genovese, or salsa. One of our favourite pairings with pasta is chipotle salsa with black beans and corn.

It is also great as a party dip with tortilla chips, and as a filling for dosas.

Bye bye Marinara !! It was nice meeting you.

We can see some Italians aiming their Roma tomatoes here. Save them for this recipe, folks. You’ll concur with us.


Chipotles (pronounced chee-POHT-lehs) are smoke-dried jalapeno chillies, used primarily in Mexican-inspired cuisine. All about them here. We usually buy them canned in adobo sauce. The chilies and the sauce add a rich, smoky flavour to any dish.

Our version has both cooked and raw tomatoes. Tomatoes are one of the few vegetables that are much more effective against heart disease and cancer cooked rather than raw. Cooking some of the tomatoes also helps the salsa coat the pasta better.

We added black beans and corn for added protein and flavour.
(Black Beans: Nutritional Profile)

In season, we add raw corn, picked right off the cob, but this time we used frozen. Frozen corn is already part-cooked so it is softer and less crunchy than raw corn. This dish is very flexible and can be prepared with any beans and veggies of your choice. 

A word about pasta.

For this dish, we used Ronzoni whole wheat blend yolk-free egg pasta.

A whole wheat ‘blend” pasta differs from “100% whole wheat”. The blend pasta may have as little as 30 percent or so of whole grain. However the egg whites in this brand add protein, and make for a very tender pasta that cooks faster than normal dried pasta.

If you find 100% whole wheat pasta too chewy for your taste, you will like this one.  Brands like Ronzoni Healthy Harvest and Barilla Plus have ‘multigrain’ pastas that are quite similar in texture to regular pasta and taste much the same , but have much more whole grain and fibre. Check out this article.

** You can assemble this salsa instead of preparing it from scratch by adding the veggies and beans to a good brand of Chipotle Salsa. The readymade salsas are relatively mild and can be adjusted to your preferred spice level.




4 cups ripe chopped tomatoes

1 16-oz can of black beans

1/2 cup fresh or frozen yellow corn

2 cloves garlic

3 tablespoons chopped chipotles in adobo sauce

1 tsp fire-roasted canned jalapenos or fresh minced jalapenos (optional)

1/4 cup chopped red onion

1/4 cup chopped cilantro

1 tbsp lime juice

2 tsp tequila (optional)

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil




1. Heat the olive oil, add the minced garlic and fry for 10 seconds.

2. Add half the chopped tomatoes, and some salt. Fry for a few minutes until they have cooked down to half their volume.

3. If using frozen corn, add at this stage, and switch off the flame. The corn will thaw in the tomato mixture.

4. Let the mixture cool.

5. Meanwhile, drain and rinse the black beans under running water in a sieve. Drain it well.

6. Add it to the tomato mixture along with the rest of the ingredients.

7. Stir and cover. let it sit for about 15 minutes for the flavours to blend.


To serve with Pasta:

Cook the pasta in salted water according to the package instructions. Toss it with the salsa. (1/3 cup salsa for every cup of cooked pasta).

This can be served as a main course, or as a pasta salad.

The Heart of the Matter blog aims to provide nutrition awareness pertaining to a heart-healthy lifestyle. They have a monthly event inviting recipes to promote this theme. This month’s theme is Pasta, hosted by Ilva of the fabulous Lucullian Delights This is our entry for this event.  

UPDATE: Check out the roundup here.

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  1. beens says:

    i love salsa:)thanks:)

  2. Coffee says:

    DROOLING!!!!!!!!!! Looks fabulous!!! I loved the pot of pasta especially! :)

  3. viji says:

    One pot meal. You have presented it very nicely Bee. Lovely pictures. Viji

  4. Latha says:

    Hey Bee,
    Lovely pictures! Absolutely divine! Love the pot of pasta! Here we get something called as Enchilada Pasta in one of the local Noodle and Pasta bar. It looks similar and tastes great! I have been trying to guess the recipe but now i think i’ll just go with u guys :-) They also toss some fried tortilla chips (multi colored) and cut into thin strips on the pasta! Your salsa looks so nutritious and i hungry now :-)

  5. TheCooker says:

    I like the idea of filling dosas with this salsa.

  6. Meeta says:

    WOW! This is one hot combination! Looks easy and I am sure the flavors burst in your mouth.

  7. roopa says:

    wow wonderfull combo, nice spread ….

  8. pelicano says:

    That’s a great idea serving a fresh salsa with pasta…and why not? Barilla Plus I buy often- in fact, I think it tastes better than pasta made with just semolina! I’ve also tried making my own pasta using a blend of semolina and besan- it works well; I highly recommend it!

  9. Sig says:

    That’s one gorgeous Pasta pot! Great idea to pair Chipotle salsa with pasta! But do you have to put tequila in everything? You guys are major alcoholics, huh? ;)

  10. ilva says:

    Thanks for participating! This is an interesting pasta dish, I like pasta with beans a lot! And very enticing photos!

  11. sia says:

    very HOT post :)

  12. Asha says:

    I love the smokey taste of Chipotle chillies,I have corn Chipotle soup at Aroma.Good one Bee:))

  13. richa says:

    liked the idea of pairing pasta & salsa, that chipotle peppers in adobo sauce sure does add a zing! Telepathy? had this on the wknd, with chips though!

  14. indosungod says:

    Salsa looks colorful and Springy. Great idea adding it to Pasta. Will check out adobe sauce.

  15. VINI says:

    Hi bee, wonderful presentation..keep them coming!

  16. Nupur says:

    That looks so kicked-up and appetizing! I love chipotle chiles but when I buy them in adobo sauce, I use one or two and the other just languish in the fridge. I have now switched to the dried ones.
    Thanks for the pasta tip…will love for the egg white pasta.

  17. prema says:

    they look so inviting bee…. the colours and the way of presentation are so good. psata with salsa.. a good one.

  18. mandira says:

    Bee, the salsa looks delicious, I like the combination with pasta. Also saw your rasmalai recipe, this is exactly I make it too and it is a big hit at our gatherings. The mangoes look delicious too… ok, I need to stop before I comment on all the posts I missed ;)

  19. Cynthia says:

    I like chunky salsa like yours where I can actually see the ingredients. To pair this with pasta is simply devine.

  20. Anjali says:

    Thats a good salsa and pasta combo. I’m off to post my Dad’s indian pasta and guess what…

    Loved that tub/ container in the last picture.

  21. I love your photograph of the salsa….very stunning!

  22. Helene says:

    What an amazing recipe and these inviting pictures. They make my mouth water. :) )

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