There are days when you just know you are the sun and everyone else in the constellation is a piddly planet. You want to disseminate gyan to the universe, mired deep in ignorance and confusion.

653.gif I had found a way to make ras malai in a jiffy using readymade rasgullas.

I could envision the thronging hordes chanting:

“Thank you, o wise one, for showing us a way out of our drudgery. Why didn’t you start blogging five years ago?”


Then, I saw THIS. sterb041.gif

The only consolation: my version is even lazier than Manisha’s.

For the uninitiated, rasgullas are sweetened balls made of homemade cottage cheese. Ras malai is a rasgulla caught in a tidal wave of of sweetened milk. I prefer rasgulla to ras malai, but the canned rasgullas are dry and not very good in comparison to fresh ones. This milk bath makes them soft and luscious.


1 can of rasgullas (20-22 pieces)
18 ounces (1.5 cans) evaporated milk
2 tablespoons chopped pistachios
3 shelled green cardamoms
1/4 tsp crushed saffron

1. Drain the sugar syrup from the rasgullas and set it aside.

2. Meanwhile, pour the evaporated milk in a wide container. Add enough sugar syrup to sweeten it to your liking. Then crush a big pinch of saffron with your fingers and add it to the milk.

3. Put the milk in the microwave on HIGH for 3 minutes.

4. While the milk is heating, squeeze the rasgullas.

Manisha says:

Wash your hands really well in hot water cos you’re going to be handling the food and it’s not going to be cooked once you’re done playing with it. Alternately, use sterile food gloves.

HA !!! There’s an easier way.

653.gifLift the rasgullas one by one with a spoon and put them in a lime squeezer. Squeeze them gently to remove all the sugar syrup they have absorbed. Take care not to break them.

5. Dunk the rasgullas in the hot milk, along with the shelled and powdered cardamoms. In a couple of minutes, they will soak up the milk and puff up like cotton balls.

6. Toast the chopped pistachios in the microwave on HIGH for 30 seconds.

7. Top with the nuts, and eat it warm or chilled.

Pour the remaining sugar syrup into a squirt bottle and use it to sweeten tea, coffee or lemonade. It will last for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator.

- Bee.

This is our entry for Sugar High Friday #31, hosted by Tara of Seven Spoons. The theme is Shades of White.

UPDATE: The roundup.

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  1. roopa says:

    yummmy… that really a quick rasmalai! i do make similar way but your have presented wonderfully!

  2. Coffee says:

    I make mine almost the same way as manisha has….. never tried with evaporated milk though….. actually never used evaporated milk at all!!!

    I know I can google and find out… but whats evaporated milk actually and how is this rasmalai diff from that made in milk???

    evaporated milk is milk with 50% of moisture removed. – b.

  3. pelicano says:

    Oh, those poor little ras gullas in the lime-squeezer… [sheds a tear and removes a handkerchief from his pocket to dab his eye] It’s brutality! :-D

    this pales when compared to manisha’s slow torture method. see her comment below. – b.

  4. Suganya says:

    Ah! My fav background… In how many colors do u have ‘em? Where did u get ‘em? Not in Michael’s or Jo-ann…

    i got it at michael’s in three colours. they had about six colours. a bandhni crushed dupatta will serve the same purpose- b.

  5. Santhi says:

    hey..i love those smileys…actually it just adds a bit more to the naughty look that I have of you when I read your posts..hmmm, now that I think of it, I do have a mental image of how you are…hehehe, i have that of very few people, but isnt it interesting that reading the posts, you may have a different image than the actual person …or isn’t…

  6. Santhi says:

    phew..i realise i dont make any sense in the comment above…!!!!

    sense is optional at – b.

  7. Manisha says:

    There’s a law against using lime squeezers to squeeze rasgullas, you know. And if the lime squeezer is not washed well, your milk will tear. Oops, split. I mean spoil.

    Also, one totally misses out on the fun of squeezing it as though it were someone’s neck, and on the joy of releasing it slowly under the milk, transforming it into that squeaky delight. Like stirring, the process of making ras malai from a can of rasgullas is very therapeutical, esp when you need to rant and vent. Take that anger, squeeze it out of your heart, hold your breath and release slowly to rejuvenate your body and soul.

    Maa Manishadevi is available for lessons at 1-800-555-5555.

    does maa manishadevi have a visarjan as well ???? – b

  8. sia says:

    i really want to say this to u bee…
    “Thank you, o wise one, for showing us a way out of our drudgery. Why didn’t you start blogging ‘a year’ ago?”
    i am surely gonna enjoy making these. but as manisha said i am not gonna use lime squeezers. as i dont get to squeeze anyone’s neck, let me enjoy squeezing rasgulla instead;)

  9. sia says:

    i still remember what u said about my crispy mushrooms ;) … here squeezing rasgullas in lime squeezer is much worst than that bee…. LOL… :D

    those poor mushrooms. i still mourn them. your cruelty will go down in the annals of history, sia. – b.

  10. sra says:

    What (and how much of it) can I substitute for evaporated milk?

    milk cooked to 3/4 of the original quantiity. – j

  11. Asha says:

    I have one too Bee,I posted long time ago made of Ricotta cheese and soaked in Basundi.
    Rasgullas are a great addition,I have seen it in other blogs too but never tried it though.Love the bowl:))

  12. richa says:

    these days we get so many brands of those canned rasgulla, but they do come in handy for ras malai.
    someone’s neck, manisha? itka raag bara nahi ga ;)

  13. sandeepa says:

    Ooop you said it. I always do it Manisha’s way but for fear of being scorned upon by meticulous food bloggers never posted it :) Maybe even if I did post, I would add some very difficult steps like “Have a bath”, “Clean the kitchen” etc.

    no. lazy person’s ras malai entails getting some one else to clean the kitchen. – b.

  14. Deepa says:

    Wow!!!mouthwatering..Nice presentation ..I love them ..But never added evaporated milk ..Too good

  15. Dumela says:

    My goodness, what a relief it is to read that others feel like that too… feeling like einstein in the kitchen when whirling up the different culinary experiments and floating around feeling like a genius….only to find out someone’s already done it, cooked it, eaten it and blogged about it and everyone knows… but then I console myself that inventing something unknowingly is still a genius’s work …so go on, shine on…. dont stop feeling like the ‘sun’!!!

    one of my favorite quotes is from R.W. Emerson – “all my best thoughts have been stolen by ancients” -j

  16. jai bee says:

    j, manisha is not ancient. pel calls her ‘grandmanisha’, but still … :D


  17. Mishmash! says:

    hmm….am green with envy coz u guys had all of ‘em and mouth full of water as the pic is tooooo tempting :(


    make it, shn. it takes five minutes. we always keep rasgullas and evaporated milk in our pantry. – b.

  18. Aruna says:

    Whoa bee & Jai, Ras malai is my fav tooo !!! I like the Instant part the most, Cant wait to devour it as soon as its done :-)

  19. Swapna says:

    Yummy..I was desperately searching for a recipe..I loved that egg shaped dish:)

  20. Dee says:

    tastes great! i had it at a friend’s place.

  21. Anita says:

    Mere paas rasmalai bhi hai! :P

    Enjoy the chaat, and then buy the rasmalai. :evil: Instant gratification.

  22. Sharmi says:

    thats a very clever idea:)

  23. Sushma says:

    Thats a quick great way of making rasmalai…serve two dessert keep some rasgullas and from other half make rasmalai and take credit for both :-) he he he

    Btw I cant see the images..

    those are gif images (smileys). can you see the ras malai pic? – b.

  24. Lata says:

    Picture looks great. But, I am so bored of eating this again and again, these days wherever I go for parties, they are serving only this dessert. But, I love Rasgullas.

  25. AA says:

    Heheheh…I was more interested in your ‘what to do with leftover chaashni’ tip :) At the risk of eliciting a massive ‘blechh’ from everyone who reads this comment, I’d like to add that a bengali friend’s mother used to leave the leftover chaashni (sugar syrup) from rasgullas under the kitchen sink at night as a trap for all the insect types that roam there in the dark (roaches in particular)…but that was in India…where roaches have a right to live too ;) :D

    i think that’s brilliant. – b.

  26. viji says:

    Heyyy good idea yaar.ANyway nice and easy recipe.I will try it soon.

  27. Cynthia says:

    Thanks. I’ve never heard of this before.

    So when would this be eaten Bee? on special occasions or is it made and served often?

    it is served as a dessert. this is a bengali delicacy. in our house, if it’s lying in the fridge, we raid it from time to time, as a snack. – b.

  28. beens says:

    bee:_)i love this recipe.i will make it:)thanks a lot:)very easyyyyyyyy.

  29. Manisha says:

    Maa Manishadevi has been visarjanofied – literally. I am so busy I can barely keep my head afloat.

    I get only 14 rasgullas in my tins. How do you get 22?! Unless the ones in your tins are smaller!

    Richa, it’s good to have a wide range of emotions as long as you don’t hang on to the negative ones. Quick release by way of making ras malai is great. Also, if you project the anger onto the tinned rasgulla, it starts off as something not so enticing and ends up being something soft, spongy and delicious. A transformation because negative energy was channeled in a creative and positive manner. You want me to go on? I don’t think B&J do!

    Have never tried it with evaporated milk. I am far more keen on the softened rasgullas than on the milk itself.

    The chashni from the cans I use has had some rose essence or rose water added to it. So that is poured down the drain in our house.

    And if anyone wants an even lazier method: there is ras malai available in the freezer section, made by Nanak Foods (the paneer people). Saw it with my own four eyes today, also saw my own reflection in the door and quietly put it back on the shelf.

    i thought i got 20 small ones with one brand and 22 wth another. or was i counting the contents of 2 cans for a party? i forget. will count the next time i open a can. some brands don’t have rose water, some do. i avoid the rose watery ones – b.

  30. Reena says:

    bee, this is the same recipe you gave me last year. rt? :) works great all the time.

    yep..been a staple (!) for few years now – b

  31. mallugirl says:

    This is a good dessert, but gosh, i have to say at the risk of starting an argument. Rasgullas in a creamy sauce still doesn’t become rasmalai. Rasmalai is more grainy and almost breaks down at the slightest touch, wheras rasgullas are resilient and springy. I love both but why this confusion and fusion?

    i guess nothing is free. if you go “instant” you lose the texture ;-) BTW, this is a better way of eating the rasgullas from the can as they are brought back to life!

  32. tara says:

    Thank you so much for your participation in this month’s SHF! As you already know, ras malai is close to my heart.

  33. gurp says:

    i have tried several recipes and u know the best of the best is NANAK RASMALAI. u cannot duplicate the taste. i had family and friends from india, they were astounded by the taste etc etc. they said they have don’t get rasmalai like this in india, it is out of the world…. any how try it.

  34. [...] If you want something milky, try the Instant Raspberry Icecream, or the Instant Ras Malai. [...]

  35. bhavani says:


    this is such an awesome dessert. everybody’s favourite. i made it the first time with nonfat evapourated milk but i thought the ‘ras’ didn’t taste like yours. today, i used the regular evapourated milk (i couldn’t get the low fat one here)and wow, was it good. next time, i am going to try just adding plain one percent milk to a little fat-free condensed milk before warming. that way it will get sweet and a little thick, and it i don’t have to feel guilty about having used regular evapourated milk.

    keep up the great work!!

  36. Tina says:

    hey Bee,
    I liked the idea of using the left off sugar syrup from the sweeten things , i always threw it away
    pretty cool tip , so next summer I’ll be making Nimbu pani using your tip.

  37. Shobha says:

    Hi Bee,

    I love the various shapes that are playing here…the perfect routund of the rasagollas, the oval in the serving bowl and the splash of orange everywhere!!! I love the way the rosgollas are getting “bathed” in the milk solution…Lovely!!!I missed the Click Cheese event…And I love your camera….wah….

  38. Gowri says:

    I tried making this with half and half instead of evaporated milk it was very nice….

  39. sara says:

    I had rasmalai from a local restaurant a few days ago and thinking about it made me salivate and I had to know how to make it at home, so I Googled (what else is Google for?). Found your blog. More than the recipie, I loved your explanation–lazy, squeeze, etc. etc. Such fun! And, I am going to try your lazy, squishy, squeezy gulmalais–rasgulla+rasmalai, he, he :)

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