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Shot dead by a religious fanatic on February 20 at Gujranwala, Pakistan.

Her crime??? Being a woman in politics, and ‘not wearing Muslim dress’.

The Minister for Social Welfare in Pakistan’s Punjab province was about to address an open court, when a man claiming to fight ‘jihad against anti-Muslim forces’ shot at and killed her.

The Dawn reports

Police arrested the accused, Maulvi Mohammad Sarwer Mughal, and seized a pistol he was carrying. The accused had been charged with killing four model girls and injuring a dozen others some four years ago, and he was acquitted by a local court for lack of evidence……

Quoting the accused, who ran a hardware shop, DIG (operations) Khadim Hussain Bhatti said he was waging a jihad against anti-Muslim forces. “Women can’t become rulers in Islam,” he is reported to have been said……..

“He killed her because she was not observing the Islamic code of dress,” local police officer Nazir Ahmad said.

The real criminal is the Pakistan justice system that acquitted this man for four murders some years ago. This is the same justice system that acquitted the five men who raped Mukhtaran Bibi on June 6, 2005 on a paltry bond.

We are all guilty – through silence and inaction – of enabling and empowering religious fanatics and their supporters who attack, abuse and kill those who disagree with them in the name of culture, tradition and religion.

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  1. InjiPennu says:

    I am so glad you started bloggin bee! So glad!

    Thank you. :-)

  2. I condemn the murder of Zille Huma by a religious fanatic person. This is the out come of state’s policies which encourage hatered against the women and religious minorities. The judiciary in Pakistan is the sole responsible for this particular action as it does not have the courage to stand by the forces of civil rights, individual freedom, and also for secular out look.

    Events such as these are happening all over the world. When more people make their voices heard through whatever medium available to them, it cannot be ignored in the long run. Thank you for your comment. — Jai

  3. Murder of Zille Huma is one of the biggest police failure & national incident and a clear show-up for psychopath (so called true Muslims) Who are giving a damn wrong picture of Islam to the world, Islam is religion of peace and these contractors of Islam are needed to be fixed in real Islamic justice, Murderer of Zille Huma Usman must have to be sentence to death in public; so all should know that there is no place for such psychopaths in our society who are the worst fear of Pakistan in current century & Islam have a way of justice.

    I condemn for this murder & being a Pakistani my demand to the government is to set the murderer sentence to death as earlier as possible in open public place.

  4. binisha says:

    This is really sad and we have to take some actions to address the issue of violence against women politicians. Since I’m working on a project called Violence against women in politics in South Asia, we would like to invite all to our online discussion forum, which has been dedicated to the cause of discussing issues of violence that women in politics are facing and come up with strategies to mitigate such violence and address the issue at national, international and regional level. Please join us in this initiative and be a part of our cause by registering in our discussion group at http://www.dgroups.org/groups/vawip.

  5. Mehmoona Fatima Irshad says:

    It was a big shock to hear about Zille-Huma Usman’s death. I knew and met her a couple of times in Pakistan on family functions as she was my father’s cousin’s cousin. She was a lovely and kind women and always spoke her mind. She will be dearly missed. Allah un ko janat framiye…ameen. mfirshad, manchester uk.

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